Sunday night speculation round up. Di Maria, Benzema & Cabaye again; Abel Hernandez and Ba all linked too.

Following on from the rapidly spreading rumours about Mesut Ozil, there is still speculation about more big names to join the club.

Now that the Gareth Bale transfer has gone through, the Real Madrid fire sale will start, and along with Kaka to Milan looking likely, the aforementioned Ozil leaving  - hopefully to Arsenal (though rumours remain about PSG and Man U), it seems the club are still open to shopping both Di Maria and Benzema, with the former looking the more likely to leave, for perhaps 25m. That said, the Madrid press poison pen campaign against Benzema seems to having an effect, with the player being whistled and booed again today by his own fans, despite two goals and two assists in three games.

Even Ancelotti weighed in criticising the striker.

“Today one thing was very clear, Benzema was whistled a bit, while Di Maria was applauded by whole stadium,”

“The fans look closely at the players. It’s a very clear sign for everyone that hard work is applauded.”

As well as reporting the Real Madrid potential departures, Jeremy Wilson at the Telegraph also mentions Palermo’s Abel Hernandez in his headline, before completely failing to mention him in his article! Indeed, the only reference I can find to the young Uruguayan on the internet, is to interest from Roma and Napoli and reiterations of the recently relegated club’s determination to keep him, though against his wishes.  If it happens, it will be a relatively cheap signing for a speedy skilful player full of potential but almost as raw as Sanogo in certain areas of the game. Needless to say, we’ll keep following this one.

According to Le 10 Sport, Newcastle have received another bid for Cabaye, but it has not yet been revealed who – Arsenal? PSG? Another unexpected suitor? Certainly, some are assuming that the bid is from North London, but again, it’s wait and see time!

The other speculation doing the rounds is a potential loan deal for Demba Ba from Chelsea, but not only is that unlikely, but also I cannot find any evidence beyond the usual collection of dubious ITK’s on twitter etc.

Obviously there are other outlandish claims regarding Marco Reus, Rooney, Suarez and others, but we’ve heard all them before….

Anyway, tomorrow will be a marathon, and all these questions will eventually be answered!  Strap yourselves in….

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  • The Irishman

    lady arse? i imagine you have an obese ass you vulgar dog, no class, u are a hound of a beast of a thing. i can imagine the smell the BO from your fat arm pits and I’m choking, go take a shower u mutt of a dog, and if you need re-affirming go look in the mirror. You are an utter minger.

  • ParkLaneEnd

    The only gooner blog I look in on from time to time. Enough Spurs bashing to make it entertaining without the hate and bile of other sites. Fairplay you did it but not by a lot. Not enough to say either one of us has the better team. When theres only one point in it all it comes down to is a lucky deflection here, a slip of the studs there….or a dodgy linesman inventing a corner followed by a penalty when you’re 5 mins away from losing to Norwich. But enough sour grapes. I’ve been a Spurs fan long enough to have a pretty thick skin now. AVB took a team stripped of Modric, VDV, King….and of Kaboul and half a season Sandro and very nearly did it. The positives – Bale looks like he will stay, Kaboul and Sandro will be like new signings and Levy’s got more balls than you’re “We promise we’re going to spend big but never do” board. Still, at least you don’t have any world class players left to sell off this summer haha. As for us, there’s always nexts season. *sigh*

    • JoePridmore

      classy comment from a Spurs fan, too many of you just spit bile at us for making pro-Arsenal comments on an Arsenal site. For the record, AVB’s proved to be a quality manager and missing Sandro has obviously hurt you, but I still think if you lose Bale and don’t reinvest properly you’ll drop off the pace again next season and be more of an Everton – challenging but an outside bet. I say that only because we finally have the money to push on and with the other top clubs getting new managers they’ll obviously invest in their own players and probably improve in quality. Could be completely wrong and regret this comment but that’s how I see it.

    • Em

      I am happy to read comments like this. A lot of us have family, co-workers, friends etc. who are Spurs fans and we all share one thing: a love of the rivalry. I hate it when thugs cross the line and make it nasty whether it’s anti-semitic bullshit, calling Arsene a pedophile or whatever else the knuckle draggers among us think up.

      Having a strong Spurs team makes the league and the rivalry all the stronger, I think it pushes our team to do better and makes the derby games actually mean something tangible. Beating Spurs always feels great but it feels BETTER when they are challenging us for the top 4 spots. Unlike certain other teams Spurs have built a solid squad via their own means and that, I can respect.

      They’re still a bunch of bottlers and a one man team who will always be in our shadow though. :p

  • Enfield Gooner

    Nicely said LadyArse!!
    Considering we had our worse season and STILL finished above the spuds is a good feeling…although nothing compares to winning the league in Tottenham High Road and it was in our lifetime!!!!
    We have built our stadium and yes we suffered result wise but we are coming through this thanks to the genius of Arsene Wenger. The billionaires have distorted the league but that is life…even losing RVP and we still came 4th with Arsene’s worst team.
    It is funny that the spuds have had their best season and points tally and STILL cannot beat us let alone winning the league??
    Oh well.. when the were gloating it was fun but you need to take it up the Arsenal spuds when it goes wrong!!!

    • king paul

      how did arse have their worst season? statistically his was one of their best in years

  • The Cannon factory

    Let me tell you all something true….I work for the company who is building the new Tottenham stadium and a Gooner is working on their new stadium Project and yes, they will build it but at this time there is no loan, no deposit put down and they have Haringey council over a barrel to extract as much money as possible from them to redevelop the area but the council has no money at this time.
    They will get it done (Why not?) and the projected date is 2016-2020 which is a lot of revenue to lose out on and missing the Champions League has hurt them.

    So remember Arsenal fans what we have, the Emirates, London Colney, financial stability (We owe£98Million and every year it drops by £30 Million) and have won the Premiership three times etc and now things will pay dividends for us.
    What I am trying to say is that image we tried to build a stadium now in these difficult times with a large loan and having to sell our best players every year and being desperate for CL money…..we are past that now and be grateful.
    The only way is up for us now and be proud of what we have achieved by a record CL qualification.

    • Leon Kingsford

      Just goes to show that Arsenal chose to move forward at precisely the right time. I just hope that now as the financial picture for Arsenal looks better and better that we invest properly in the most important aspect of the club – the squad and that we keep our best players and add to them with quality – time will tell….

      • king paul

        well it would go to show that if it were true.

        spurs have recently secured 60% of the financing from KKR (private equity). Complex deal but it works out at about 4.5% interest, with KKR taking a small amount of equity in THFC and equity for debt in the event of default. Enic will put down 40% themselves through (yet another) equity issue. This is all finalised, my source is as good as it gets.

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