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Report – Arsenal reach an agreement to sign Flamini

It is being reported that Arsenal have reached an agreement with former player Mathieu Flamini which will see the midfielder return to the club five years after he walked out on a free transfer to join AC Milan.

Offered a new deal in Italy, Flamini was not happy with the terms so, once again, left on another free and Arsene Wenger has now snapped him up after allowing him to train with the club.

I’ve seen it reported that Flamini had a number of offers from other clubs, both in England and Italy, but returned to train with Arsenal with the goal of winning a contract in north London – an objective he now seems to have achieved.

The news was tweeted just recently by Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri, who usually gets most of his information from Sky Italia and as if to confirm this it was then tweeted by others who quote Sky Italia as their source.

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Four days ago Arsene Wenger said

‘He is just here to work on his fitness and he does that very well.

I don’t say there’s no chance and I don’t say there is a chance [of signing him].’

The deal for the 29 year old has been on the cards for a week or so now according to reports.

There has not been any official confirmation.

[UPDATE - Flamini himself confirmed that he had been offered a two year deal by Milan but felt he deserved better, saying

"I was only offered a two-year contract. At 29, after 5 seasons with this shirt and in the light of the four important goals I scored in the latter year I deserve a different treatment."

During his last year at Milan he was on a contract worth €1.5m per year, that's approx £25k per week. When he first joined he was earning three times that. He took a pay cut when he sgned a new one-year deal.]

Thanks to @Ryo_Cleverfish for the information.]

[UPDATE - Flamini's Arsenal wages will be £75k per week. We do not know how many years Arsenal have offered him yet.]


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