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Galatasaray increase their efforts to sign Di Maria

I don’t often receive ‘info’ as you know so when I got a message about Angel Di Maria being very close to joining Galatasaray with a fee being agreed I was very sceptical as I hadn’t even heard that they were interested in him.

A quick search of the internet reveals that they were indeed linked with the player at the end of June but since then there has been very little even by way of internet chatter. Back then a fee of €20m was mentioned as it became clear that Di Maria was not in Ancelotti’s plans for Real Madrid moving forward.

Then I came across an article on the Turkish site Sporx, published today, which claims that the player has already declined an offer for €3m per year from Galatasaray as he is currently on around €4.8m [that’s approximately £77k per week].

The president of Gala is determined to sign Di Maria and has met with Florentino Perez in regards to the transfer according to the Turkish report.

From what I’ve been told Arsenal haven’t even made an offer yet for Di Maria and the player still needs to be persuaded to go to Galatasaray. Given that Arsenal are waiting until Champions League football is 100% confirmed before they sign anyone that would fit with Arsenal not having made an offer yet but you would have to think that should we get involved Di Maria would prefer us over Gala.

Wouldn’t he?

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