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Galatasaray deny Poldi contact + quote confusion

Earlier this week it was claimed that four clubs – Schalke, Tottenham, Wolfsburg and Galatasaray – had all made enquiries about Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski. On top of that the German paper Bild seemed convinced that the German international was set for a switch to Schalke on a season long loan.

Now a report in Turkish Football says that the president of Galatasaray has denied any contact regarding Podolski.

Their president told Radyospor

We have not been in contact with Podolski.

Yesterday news emerged on Twitter, allegedly from Podolski’s agent, claiming that the player wanted to stay at Arsenal. While I’m not saying that he wants to leave, the source of the information, who claimed it was from an unnamed German paper which I’ve yet to see a link to [I asked my followers who are normally great at finding anything no matter where it is and not one person could find it], also has a track record of making stuff up despite working for a well-known, if not respected paper, so I’m extremely cautious about it.

Other quotes, which were actually from Podolski’s agent, were also circulating, in which he said that he didn’t normally speak about speculation. They also seemed to have an extra bit tacked on to the end of them.

We reported his agent had said on Thursday

“I generally do not speak about such rumours” [via Google translate, original source]

While the quotes which were doing the rounds yesterday as new quotes were

“I have never been out to comment on speculation like this.

“Lukas Podolski is under contract with Arsenal. This is a fact.”

The second comment has been widely accredited to Bild however the only quote I could find on Bild from Podolski’s agent Kon Schramm was the same one that we reported on Thursday. I have so far been unable to locate this second quote so if you have a link, please post it in the comments and I will update the post. Quotes from yesterday only please as this is when he is supposed to have said it.

As I mentioned, I’m not saying Podolski wants to leave Arsenal, in fact, the way he was retweeting Arsenal fans yesterday would point to a player whose head is very much within North London. I’m simply mentioning this to demonstrate how hard it is to trust anything out there at the minute, even things which come inside quotation marks.

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