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Wenger – If we don’t get what we want we will look elsewhere

In an interview which is bound to have Arsenal fans tearing their hair out, Arsene Wenger has told Al Jazeera that is they don’t manage to complete a deal for who they want [you would assume this means Luis Suarez] then they will look elsewhere.

It might be an idea to start looking now Arsene, just in case eh?

Wenger said

“We try and get what we want; if that doesn’t work we will look somewhere else.

“The clubs with talented players don’t want to lose them.

“Some clubs acted very early so the choices were reduced and there is more competition coming from France with Paris St Germain, who buy big players for huge amounts of money, so it’s tough, difficult and slow.

“I can assure the fans we will try very hard to keep them happy. We are certainly ready to spend the money, but the process is going slowly, but surely.”

With Liverpool digging in their heels and Suarez fluttering his eyelashes, once again, at Real Madrid, the wise money would be on the transfer not happening. That being said, football isn’t wise, in fact, football is crazy.

It is good that they want to spend but with the season just over a week away it would also be nice if they showed a little more urgency. While the rest of us know that there are other parts of the team which need strengthened an indication from the club that they also know this would go someway to reassuring a fanbase which is getting more nervy by the day.

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