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Wenger – Sanogo will make the headlines on the pitch

With Arsene Wenger speaking to the press ahead of this year’s Emirates Cup he was at pains to highlight the talent that is Yaya Sanogo.

Speaking about how the player seems to have been all but ignored by the media since his arrival, Wenger seemed quite irritated when he was asked how he would feel if the window closed and he hadn’t signed anyone.

Describing Sanogo as a ‘top class striker’ Wenger said that everyone would be surprised by him but stressed that he wouldn’t be as he knows exactly what the player is capable of.

He does make a very good point that talent is not directly related to the price tag a player comes with. Some of the best players Arsenal have signed during Wenger’s reign, in fact pretty much all of them, have come with price tags which were a lot lower than they should have been.

About Sanogo Wenger said

“We have signed Sanogo. He has not made the headlines. Why? Because he is not £50m to £100million but I am quite confident he will make them soon on the pitch, and that for me is the most important.”

He was then asked some more  questions about signings before returning to Sanogo to say

“I just would like to reiterate that we signed Sanogo and that again you know the quality of the player is not only linked to the amount of money it costs. Then, if we can do some more we will do.

“I’m always pretty relaxed, why? Because I think, I always try and make the decision I think is right for the club. That doesn’t mean I always manage to do it but I work with that conscience.

“Sanogo will surprise you because your expectation doesn’t look to be really high. He will not surprise me because my expectation is very high.

“He’s a top class striker.”


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