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Italian report – Higuain fee agreed

According to the site Corriere Dello Sport Real Madrid have agreed a €35m fee for Gonzalo Higuain with Italian side Napoli. They claim that Perez has accepted the offer which is €5m less than what was being reported that Real Madrid wanted for the frontman.

I am very skeptical over any reports which claim that anything is agreed in regards to Higuain given the number of agreements Arsenal were said to have made with both the player and his club.

The Italian report claims the only outstanding issue to be resolved which could cause problems is the one in regards to Higuain’s image rights however there doesn’t seem to be an agreement in place with the player yet at all.

As I’ve said for a number of weeks now regarding Higuain it is simply impossible to know what to believe. With agreements all over the place and statements contradicting themselves coming from the direction of Madrid it’s hard to have any clue what is really happening.

If you take the media coverage lately then it would certainly seem that Arsenal’s focus has shifted from Higuain and on to the more expensive Luis Suarez.

How much truth there is to that, however, is pure speculation. There has been much talk that Suarez will ask for a transfer and that he wants to move to Arsenal. Does he actually? That’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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