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Chelsea make Higuain offer, Higuain speaks. Allegedly.

According to the Spanish daily AS, Chelsea, despite Jose Mourihno saying they were only interested in signing Wayne Rooney, have made an offer for Gonzalo Higuain. They quote the Argentinian as saying

Mourihno wants me there

Now. Call me skeptical, because I am. Extremely.

Higuain has refused to be drawn on any of the transfer speculation to date but low and behold the day after the Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis mentions that Chelsea are interested in Higuain along with Arsenal, out he comes with a quote and now we have an offer being reported

Just like we had Arsenal offers. And agreements.

I’m just not buying any of it at the minute, especially not while Real Madrid are still claiming that they have had no offers for the player they now want €40m for.

It’s all a little too convenient and given what has already gone before in this saga it would be a fool who would believe these reports until there is something a bit more substantial behind them. And even then I wouldn’t be convinced given how this story has gone so far.

Besides, wasn’t Higuain sidelined by Mourinho when he was Real Madrid manager?

It all seems odd to me. And a little too convenient as I said.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Other reports coming out of Spain claim that Arsenal have taken a step back from Higuain in recent weeks. Not surprising really given how Real Madrid have behaved in regards to his asking price.

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