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Despite reports Suarez didn’t mention Arsenal but does know of offer. Sort off.

Yesterday we reported that Luis Suarez, as quoted in the Sun, had spoken about the interest in him from other clubs and according to the quote printed on the Sun’s website, the Liverpool man was reported to have said

“My agent is in charge, he knows what I want. I am resting and relaxed. I am due back on July 21.

“It is good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal.

“Now there are two or three options and the club knows.

“There are no offers yet but Liverpool FC know exactly what is going on and what I want. A phone call could change everything.”

The interview was given to Uruguayan Radio Station Sport 890 and if you notice, the Sun very clearly report that he said

“It is good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal.”

However, what he *actually* said was

“[It is] good to know that after everything that’s happened, teams in England still value me as a footballer”

As you can see, quite a different statement altogether but these quotes have now been picked up and run by every website and major paper [including ourselves, hence the clarification here.]

The Sun have a history of taking quotes, especially those which are given in a language other than English and embellishing them. It’s almost as if they don’t think people will find out and I suppose they have a point. Time and time again I’ve watched as quotes are misreported or misrepresented but it is the incorrect quotes which become accepted by the majority of the public.

Many people often ask me why I bother with anything that is reported in the Sun, but with millions of people reading it they simply cannot be ignored.

There might be some truth to Arsenal’s interest and from a report which featured in today’s Times [paywall], Suarez has asked his agent to find out the depth of that interest. The Times, however, are also reporting that Suarez mentioned Arsenal by name in his quotes which not only makes you question if they just copied their quotes from the Sun’s website but also makes you doubt the rest of their claims, including the one which says that Suarez would be open to a move to Arsenal.


We were forwarded the whole interview and in it Suarez is asked if he knows about an offer from Arsenal to which he replies

Yeah surprising. I don't know who told me I think it was my wife that I am going to speak French with Cavani. She comes and tells me something different all the time!

Not sure what Cavani has to do with anything [same nationality I guess and he's off to PSG, but there you go.]

Thanks to @Arsenalreport for the accurate quotes.

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