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Higuain Daily – Now Madrid want more money

This move has, it is safe to say, started to trend towards the farcical end of the scale when it comes to transfer reporting. From allegedly arriving in London yesterday [he didn’t] to reports of the Arsenal bid actually being rejected [in some places it was even being reported that Arsenal hadn’t even made a bid] it is clear that all eventualities have been covered by the media so that no matter what happens, someone got it right.

Today I notice that Sid Lowe, Spanish correspondent for the Guardian and all around nice chap who isn’t usually one for unsubstantiated gossip-mongering has said

“Madrid are now digging their heels in, regarding Higuaín. They want a bigger fee. The smart money’s still on it happening.”

This isn’t too much of a surprise.

If a club think they can get a few extra pennies, then why wouldn’t they try and get them?

Higuain, we must not forget, has already made it clear that he wants to leave the club so they now find themselves in the position of trying to get as much as possible for a top-drawer forward who wants to leave.

Panic is the default position for many fans, especially Arsenal ones, given how transfers have panned out in the past, but there’s nothing here to panic about.

Patience is what is required. Panic in the last week of August if we are still trying to sort out a fee for him.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine.

[Thanks to @MicktheGooner for the Sid Lowe quote]

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