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Wenger ‘moral agreement’ with PSG reported

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

According to Le10Sport [who aren’t exactly all that reliable] Arsene Wenger has a ‘moral agreement’ with PSG and they are claiming that they have received confirmation of this from people in Wenger’s ‘inner circle.’

Firstly, what, exactly, is a moral agreement anyway? And secondly, would people in Wenger’s actual inner circle betray him like this? He is a very private man and I doubt he just goes around declaring this sort of information [if it’s true] to anyone who will listen.

They say that there is an agreement in principle for Wenger to join PSG in June 2014 but this isn’t the first time that someone has said that. As far  as I’m aware Arsenal are still confident of renewing Wenger’s contract.

Le10Sport don’t give the full information regarding the agreement on their website, the rest is in their printed edition but I don’t overly need to read any of it to know when I’m reading total bull.

Watch it make the UK papers soon.

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