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Bendtner to Frankfurt – On, off, on, off

When it comes to Nicklas Bendtner I’m inclined to blame him if things are going wrong around him but in this instance it seems as if Eintracht Frankfurt might actually be to blame as they change their mind more often than Chelsea change managers when it comes to whether or not they want to sign the Arsenal frontman.

From a deal which was said to be only a matter of days away from completion to reports which are now starting to come out of Denmark that the deal is off again, it’s turning in to a saga and it’s boring.

I say ‘again’ because on 22nd May Frankfurt had said they weren’t interested in him only for them to turn around a few weeks later and say they were talking seriously with him.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason given at present for why the deal could be off after the club agreed a fee with Arsenal so at a stretch you would have to assume that it is the Great Dane’s wages which are causing a problem.

Or his attitude.

I guess that does mean I’m blaming him afterall.

[update - I've seen reports that Frankfurts top earner is on €27k per week - that would explain a lot. According to the site Ekstrabladet Frankfurt's budget for their entire squad is €30m and Bendtner is looking between €2.1m and €2.4m.  ]

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