Bendtner deal to be done in ‘coming days’ for €4.3m

According to the website Frankfurter Rundschau Nicklas Bendtner is set to sign for Eintracht Frankfurt for a fee of €4.3m.

Speaking to the German website about Bendtner, who was spotted in Frankfurt at the weekend, coach Armin Veh said

I’m very relaxed.

It is expected that the deal will be completed this week.

Bendtner has generated more headlines than goodwill during his time at Arsenal. The player whose own self-confidence was off the chart when Arsenal tested him never quite lived up to his own hype whether at the club or out on loan.

Spending last season in Italy with Juventus, Bendtner’s name failed to sell one shirt in the official shop and his time there was split between the bench and the treatment room.

bendtner finger

On holiday this summer

We’d like to wish Super Nik well when he finally signs with Frankfurt but part of us believes that he doesn’t really care what we think.


  • 555

    ungrateful cunt

  • Daniel Dingwall

    If the club board don’t show ambition what do they and fans expect players to do.. STAY!!!??
    I have no problem with Robin leaving..

    What I do have a problem with, is so called “FANS” giving RVP AND Wenger stick. FOR WHAT?!

    It’s the board we need to be aiming our frustrations at. 

    It’s them; at the end of the day. That okay everything. 

    • Mbuhijji

      Totally agree with u mate

  • Michael Englund @Mike_Arsenal

    1. Sell for more than £25 mill to a club that doesn’t play in the Premier League.
    2. Play him week-out-week-in and let his contract run out, make someone else captain, let him go for free next summer.
    3. Sell to Man City and maybe get Dzeko in a money+player swap.

  • Miss_Pissy_Pants

    I suppose I thought better of him. Nothing more to say, but I will send
    him my RVP jersey. I have no use for it anymore. He can light it on fire and shove it up his ass.

  • Ben Anthony Kennedy

    Personally if he goes, he goes. I understand the fact he wants to win trophies, I would just like him to stay his final year of his contract to see whether he will gel well with our new signings. As Podolski and Giroud have both scored a fair amount of goals for their clubs last season Podolski (18) & Giroud (21), which shows that they are capable of finishing their chances in front of goal. Also if RVP stays his last year, with these 3 up in attack, we could potentially win a trophy of some sort..
    But if he does leave before the season starts, I just hope he doesn’t play in England.

  • allgunsblazing

    I really, really feel so bad for Arsene. He must be broken.
    He turned down his own country, France, and almost double/triple wages by his own admission at PSG last summer, to stay at Arsenal and continue a legacy.
    He developed 3 of the best players to play for the club in recent times. 2 are considered among the best in the world.
    All 3 left him with egg in his face.
    Especially Robin, who must have experienced Arsene’s pain at the beginning of the season first hand, and was expected not to repeat it.

    • yozza

      Well I feel bad for the players,RvP,Fab,Nasri….they cannot ALL be wrong….there is  something fundamentally wrong when your best players want out every year,look closer to home,i.e the manager!

      • allgunsblazing

        Nasri wanted more money. That’s his motivation.
        Cesc wanted Barca. That’s his motivation.
        Clichy wanted more money. That’s his motivation.
        I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with the players’ mentality. Some blame lies with the manager too, yes, but is some respect from player too much to ask for?

    • noodlekid88

      read it makes me sad

  • Khaledmaraqa

    since Stan Kroenke owned most of the shares we lost Cesc, Nasri and Rvp is on his way !! now what do you think about that ?

  • Deka Michael

    I’ve come to a realisation since the departure of Viera, Henry, Cesc, Flamini, Hleb etc I expect nothing from a modern day footballer, i just thought he would have gone about it a better way. His statement reeked of condescending and cowardice reasoning for his departure. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up at man City which i have a feeling he will.

  • edward marcel

    rvp is a cunt. we stood by him through all the injuries and this is the m*****ckin’ thanks we get???

    • Ukpunisher

      Hilarious you put asterisks in motgerfucking but not cunt.

  • Simonb

    wenger should keep him another season. No doubt he will get injured and not perform at the same level. He will also be 30 next year and less attractive for any club to sign. He will then be forced to accept a new Arsenal offer and hopefully by then it will be reduced from this season’s offer. Teach the greedy striker a true lesson!!!

  • Pedros_malaka

    All in all, players come and go. Some do this well, like Toure, others don’t like Nasri / Cole. Releasing the statement not only burnt bridges with Arsenal, but it forces Arsenals hand to sell and weakens our position.

    This is a poor way to leave, and again does not show any form of gratitude for all years he was supported by the club.

  • Ananddavesingh


  • Ssoj77

     He actually want offers from other clubs that was why he made it public, he should go to hell useless ingrate

  • Kåre Sagård

     With Arsenals fast response and the early purchases of Giroud and Podolski, Arsene is in a way better position this year than last. I’m confident that whatever the solution in this saga, Arsenal will come out on top.

    • Goonersaurus

      When Van Persie writes in his statement “I have kept quiet all this time out of respect and loyalty for the club and as agreed with Mr. Gazidis and Mr. Wenger…” it does make you think this was decided before the Euros. That makes the aquisitions of Pod and Ollie chaos control to me. But still… He’s in a better position. 

  • yog19

    Good luck van hope you fullfill your dreams, break a leg

  • Winnie

    Sell him immediately. Get another striker in. His statement is arrogant to say the least. He is a player, not the CEO, nor the Manager, nor the Coach. Then sort out the Walcott situation. No messing about like last year. Let’s show some decisiveness. A clear, determined line. The only thing that counts is Arsenal Foottball Club.

  • Krlsays

    Poor statment from the player. Arsenals response seems unprepared. RVP seems to have a plan to destabilize the club

    • Goonersaurus

      A plan? What would that be? Shit in the birds nest and then fly away? What would he gain from that?

  • Osama Jalil

    Team needs to show how strong they are!! and that they were never a one man team! time for chamakh and park to step up, and we still have match winner ARSHAVIN!! Good Luck Arsenal :)

    • Ukpunisher

      Ha ha. Chamakh and park step up?
      Step off more like

      I agree in general though

    • Goonersaurus

      Arshavin confirmed yesterday he wants to leave the club too. Allegedly. Can’t see him coming back at all. 

  • John

    It’s the worst possible situation really. If he stays then his heart won’t be in it, when he leaves he’ll weaken us and strengthen another team. All we can really hope for now is to get a good price for him (25-30 million) and that the money comes from abroad. Who could afford his wages though? The only contenders would be City, PSG, Madrid/Barca or one of the Milan teams.

    • jenkinson

      ‘His heart won’t be in it’ – Modric played really well for Spurs last season having been refused a transfer. Sounds to me that Ivan and Arsene made it clear they would not release him in any circumstances and now he’s trying to call their bluff.
      Neither he nor his agent will make nearly as much money next year as they would this. He’s over a barrel.

  • Kbanuso

    who cares. i am just tired of all these. I like Wenger but i am sick of this stupid situation where they put us fans under emotional pain for most of the summer. They should all F off including Van Persie, Wenger etc. I will be happy with a quarter of the success, money they have. Wenger should not forget to take all d players with him. I dont mind us being mid table as long as this shite does not continue. Even Spurs dont loose there players etc

  • Zak

    Or are we trying too push the price up?

  • Truegooner49

    Disappointed. Given all his years of injury and his supposed ‘love’ for the club, i would have expected more loyalty.

  • Since1979

    Disappointed he is going just no loyalty any more we stuck by him with his injuries and the troubles he had and he leaves.

  • disc-

    poor arsene, i feel sorry for him. but at least RVP will be better in juventus or madrid, no city please!

  • isaac O

    Personally I don’t like the way he’s gone about it however I’m not too fussed whether he stays or goes, The same has been said for years about other players leaving.If you believed the media we should have been extinct last season. RVP has had a good season preceded by 7 of injuries, who is to say he won’t be injured again for the rest of the next season. Whereever he goes, it won’t be the same for him and that’s his business. One man doesn’t make a team, he did score goals but others created for him he couldn’t have done it all himself, as he found out when Theo got injured towards the end of the season, his goals also dried up. We thought Ian Wright was irreplaceable likewise Thierry Henry, Vieira etc. If anyone has been irrepaceable it is Tony Adams, We’ve never had a defender/Captain like him since he retired. Players will always come and go the club will stay forever. The lesson we must learn here though is not to abuse our out of form players because they tend to be the one’s with a point to prove and may end up coming good. Chamakh was a good buy when RVP was injured and he lost his confidence, some fans gave him abuse, what happens if he hits superb form in the coming season? It happened to Henry, Song Koscielny to mention a few it can happen to Chamakh. If RVP wants to go so be it its his choice don’t let us beat ourselves up after the initial shock.This season, I think Wenger wwill be more determined than ever with or without RVP we’re in with a chance of the league. Unfortunately, our reaction as fans to these situations give the media,rivals and pundits alike the chance to knock us. ITS TIME TO UNITE AS GOONERS AND SHOW THEM WE EXISTED BEFORE RVP AND WE WILL BE EVEN BETTER AFTER RVP.

  • Robin

    Is anyone really surprised. AW didn’t buy two strikers without knowing this was going to be made public. The management knew in May, they chose to keep it quite until buys we’re made and season tickets paid for.

  • sss

    seriously, he can’t go to any clubs in england. especially man $hitty and spuds. i can’t see him being “top scorer for man city and top scorer in barclays premiere league”
    if he wants to go, let him go this season to some club outside of england and get money for it

  • Andi_primus

    Well, well, what a surprise – another footballer who has one
    good season and feels he deserves to be at a bigger and better club…. I say let
    him go – cant imagine he is going to have an injury free season….

    • Ukpunisher

      Totally agree. I posted a month ago we should sell and buy huntelaar

  • Simonb

    hope the dutch rat rots in hell (city) could be quite funny if we get 25 mil for him and he has a injury hit season like every season for the last 5 (except last) the maths…1 good season in 5.. good luck greedy twat. You will get what you deserve. FA

  • Byo

    Play out his contract and leave if he wants to. This after the club stayed with him through his injuries.

  • Divecage

    Time for Arsenal to make an emphatic statement by holding RVP to his contract. Let him backup Podolski and Giroud while they acclimate to the PL. Such a shame that for all the faith and loyalty AW has shown his players, they do not return the favour. No respect towards AW, Arsenal or the fans. RVP is a legend no more.

  • Dave_the_gooner

    Think it’s a cowardly statement and shows a massive lack of respect and class on his part. Arsenal stuck by him when he was a crock with glass legs, he has one full season and then wants out forcing Arsenals hand. Personally I hope we sell him to City and his legs become glass again and he stays there on a 4 year 250k a week deal and hardly plays.

  • Ilzy01

    Its down to the club to show ambition to keep their best players, Arsenal have repeatedly failed to match the ambition of our best players and the consequences are that those players leave. The self sustaining, penny pinching, pocket lining business model of the club has crippled the development of the team they wont even put all the money gained from selling out back in to new players. It is now official we are selling club!
    RVP thanks for the memories 

  • Sup

    Dear Robin,

    Break a leg! 

    Arsenal supporters

  • Finn_jody

    Keep him and play him in everything, league, cups, reserves.  He’s 30 next year and with his history of injuries he could still finish end his career with us!

  • Lanesra

    I have a friend whose son is 8000 and odd on the waiting list for a season ticket…..guess what he’s just been offered one by The Arsenal…..doesnt that tell you something. 

  • Mike-ward

    At last a decision one way or another is made, which is what I expected. I think that could be a good thing for AFC in the long run, as we should sell and reinvest in a younger player. Lets face it in all the time that RVP has been at the club he has just one good season and that in the most is thanks to the good service he got from his team mates. I bet he does not get such a good service from his next set of team mates and will then soon end up as a bench warmer. At that point he will realise what a mistake he made in leaving such a fantastic club.

  • letsalllaughatarsnil

    Bless ha ha ha


    THis is a pathetic, with people like him I lost the faith in football, the players don’t play with heart don’t think what are they doing like10 years ago. with this letter arsenal not only can ask lot of money for this mersenari and lose 1 special player. It’s not a wenger or Gazidis probleme it’s a global problem with teams like chelsea or city we can’t compite we only can do what we are doing now be the 3 or 4 in the premier league. 

  • Dani

    Keep him.
    Make someone else captain.
    After all, what can he do?
    Miss upfront an empty goal?
    Not work hard?
    Pass the ball to opponents?
    He will have no other choice but play hard and well in order to stay in peoples consciousness as a prolific striker. Otherwise he won’t get a good contract next year.
    So force him to honor his commitment to the club.
    That will also be a message to other clubs that arsenal is not a selling club like AJAX!!!

  • gooner54

    Ere we Fuckin go AGAIN, same old SHIT, Dirty Dien has done his work AGAIN

  • Michael K. Lam

    Kroenke and Gazidis are slowly destroying this club, all in the name of profit.

  • TaySpurs

    hahahhahhaha…ALWAYS A SELLING CLUB

  • Salsa

    i like how rvp exposed the club for being the poor club it is. i miss my arsenal when they went for trophies and not personal riches the fans never see. you don’t see any Gooner out there being happy that peter hill-wood got a 750K bonus last year.
    fans want trophies, not getting raises for directors who will spit at them.
    well done rvp – making public that the club is run poorly.

  • Jay

    Robin Van Persie will take time away from football and focus on healing his back injury after carrying Arsenal for 2 years! Does that now mean there are only 19 teams in the Premier League?!

  • S P Wallace

    Let’s not forget to give a nice hearty ‘Fuck You’ to Darren Dein.

  • y2jerikool

    amazing you stand by a player who has been a sick note for most of his career leaving as hes not happy with the direction of the club in other words the direction of his bank account cant wait for fpp when clubs like city have to balace books or cant qualify for comp on another note kronke and gazides need to leave and if wenger isnt happy he can go to arsenal fc forever no one is bigger than the club city is a flash in pan untill fpppaul in gateshead

  • JH

    Very disappointed by Van Persie’s statement. Complete lack of gratitude and respect towards the club, i’m surprised he even had the slight amount of decency to follow Arsenal’s wishes to make no statement during Euro 2012. You can see why Holland never achieve anything, with the arrogant and selfish bastards they have in their team.

    I would fully understand if he had given us 5 years of great service, but the fact is he’s been one of the most injury prone players around during his Arsenal career and we’ve stuck by him and eventually helped him turn into one of the best strikers in the world last year, and after one excellent season, he turns his back on the club (no doubt to Man City). 

    If he didn’t want to commit the rest of his career to Arsenal, fair enough, sign a 1 year extension with an agreement to be sold next season for no more than an agreed fee, if he no longer wants to stay, but he’s now forcing the club’s hand and will have to be sold for less than his true value.

    Deplorable from a player who “loves the club and fans”. 

    Arsenal have just signed 2 of the best strikers in Europe last season and sold no first team players, so don’t use “the club’s direction” as an excuse for leaving, when you’ll only be joining a team with a sugar daddy whose achievements will always be tarnished. 

    Van Persie will regret this in years to come, he could have become a Club Legend at one of the top sides in Europe, but will instead become a whore elsewhere. Truly, how much is a medal worth at Man City in comparison to a lifelong legacy at Arsenal?

  • James

    No on player is bigger than Arsenal FC

  • daves raves

    sorry to say I feel Robin’s got too big for his boots.  He won’t get the service from any other club.  We bring players on then as soon as we make them captain they leave saying I love the club Really?  Who believes it?. Sorry Robin you’re making a mistake but so would we if we kept you

  • challe

    Okey. Only a matter of time before walcott and song leaves aswell. Happydance tonight HEHEHEHE

  • Barrettini

    Well it’s simple. We should keep him on his 70k wages and make him try and win something with us. In a years time we will hopefully have built a new team around wiltshire, ox & podolski and the next gems off tje production line. We won’t use the money to buy a replacement so why sell to shitty. If he puts a shift in then he can keep his place in my affections.

    The club need to make a serious signing as a statement if he does go. Sadly I have no faith that they will……

  • Hyperprincessz

    The way he is leaving is purely disrespectful!

  • Benj_mills

    Oh no Paul Merson’s going to have a field day!

  • l015
  • Mattjames1975

    Message for the useless gazidis strip Rvp of captaincy make him see out his contract and to all the fans let him know what you think every week. It will be one long year for RVP

  • Norwegian Gooner

    I believe he will never have a season like he had this year ever again. And never become a legend in another club. Then when his career is done he might have gotten that trophy he now thinks is the most important thing in the world, but he will regret this very day. The chances for him to become a legend in his next club is very small. Only legends are immortal and thats something every human being wants with their lives in the end. A trophy somewhere wont do that for him and he wont realize this before its to late.
    Maybe the next one out the door is Wenger. I think he’s really tired of developing footballers just to see them leave when they starts to deliver. RvP leaving might just be the last drop. The more  think about it, this summer will be the perfect timing for him to leave the club.

  • Jameswperry

    Hey Bobby what’s the French for Robin won’t be an Arsenal legend?

  • Breezy

    Well if the Euro’s proved anything its that Arsenal made RvP great not the other way around. I say let him go and let us get on with supporting the Club. 

  • Makks

    We are Arsenal, who the hell is Ashley vanNasrigas

  • Mtcoop1

    Not gonna lie I’m disappointed. As a club we’ve paid him while he lay broken in tatters but unfortunately football is just a job nowadays, loyalty appears to have vanished from the game. I hope for our sake we can keep him for next season and really go for the jugular in order to get some silverware and show another departing captain what he’ll be missing at the grove. I love him to pieces, but we’ll move on together and progress as a club, we have done before and we will do again. Come on you reds!

  • MelInAmerica

    I think it’s quite clear RVP will be sold. And that’s just fine. Whether he stays or goes won’t be the deciding factor for this season. What is important is what Arsenal do next. If Arsenal sells RVP for maximum profit and uses the money to buy a top-class player, all will be fine. If the club keeps the money and doesn’t strengthen, then Arsenal are a feeder club with no chance of contending for silverware.

    The bottom line is that it’s all up to Arsenal. How the club responds will tell the world what kind of club we are.

  • Mbuhijji

    If he leaves to juve it will end his career.. If he leaves to city, Chelsea or Madrid or Barcelona he might win a trophy but not gain the legend stats.. Tbh wining a trophy is better than a legend with no honors.. The club must Change its dumb policy and start doing things the right way.. The arsenal way is good but since 2005 they haven’t won anything except for the stupid emirate cup that no one cares about!

    • JH

      “Winning a trophy is better than a legend with no honours” – No, it’s really not, especially if it’s between Legend status at Arsenal and winning a trophy at Man City, PSG, Anzhi etc. Samir Nasri or Tom Finney? 

      Van Persie has won honours in any case and, while Arsenal have gone through a drought, will very likely win trophies over the next 5 years. If he moves to Man City, even if he wins something for the next 5 years, at the end of his career, he will look back on his move from Arsenal with regret, mark my words.

  • GeeFive

    Daniel is right on the money. This is not an issue with RVP. This is an issue with THE BOARD. Jesus, RVP has given his all for this team, and really, everyone’s just turning on him like he beat up your grandma and stole her purse.  RVP said that “we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” . He’s looking at the future of the club!  Who wouldn’t want their players to do that? C’mon people!  THE BOARD probably said “we’re not going to invest any more than what blah blah blah” basically what they’ve said and done for the last, oh, look at that, 7 or so years. Co-ink-ee-dink? You know that’s their philosophy. They aren’t going to change it because one of the players thinks that with a little more money invested, the team could become Greats again. The sad truth of the matter is no one is going to rise up enough to get this BOARD out. Shame. I didn’t think I’d witness the downfall of this team, but its starting to seem more and more likely.

    • Andrecapera_14

      GeeFive please think a moment! you really think that the Arsenal board is not thinking about the futur? you really think that arsenal board don’t want to be the best team in the world and win every single trophy? But now we don’t have the economical power to compite with clesea or city or united and We woudn`t go to a war that we can’t win, this are difficult years and for now if we want to be something tomorrow we need to be calm today because this tipe of football will end and this teams will go down with it. For now I only pray to arsenal is that we play with arsenal suporters like wilshere ramsey frimmpong the others can f.. off

  • Mostafa

    Dear RVP, if you are leaving this summer then thanks for everything
    if you are staying for one more season, do your best
    either way we are winning trophies next season

  • tomstoned

    RvP…shame on you !! but its really time to stop the american henchmen to ruin Our Beloved Arsenal…who’s to blame for us being ripped apart..kroenke the hollywood wh*re and Nazidis the lying sob…since they invaded Arsenal in 07..take a close look and see what has happened..
    imo time to turn against our Owners…lets give em h*ll like pool did…..lets not be lied to,f’cked up,bu those silly american sissies..
    and stop defending..ingrates like cesc,clichy,adabayor,cole,and now RvPester…
    Arsenal is the new mcdonalds…

  • Anshuman Sanghvi

    Dear RvP, you are at the peak of your career. If you remain injury free, you have at max 2 seasons in you. If you sign with a different club, you may or may not win a trophy. If you are at Man City, you are likely to be benched, rotated often. Part of your amazing season lies in the kind of formation and playing style of AFC, and all the assists from arteta, song and walcott. You may never get the same combination again. I find it incredibly stupid that you issue an arrogant statement like this and swap a future legendary status at a historic, top club, for a chance of a trophy which even if won, will be tainted by oil money. You have spent 8 years here where you kept on getting injured and still, faith was shown in you instead of offloading you to a lesser club before you fully developed your skills. In the one good season you had, AFC came 3rd despite the set back of the transfers of cesc, clichy, nasri. The club is bigger than one man.

  • Sahil

    I visited the Emirates for the first time ever last November for the home game against Dortmund. I bought my first Arsenal T-shirt from the Armory. It’s an RvP10. I wore it for all the big games for the rest of the season.

    If he goes to City then I’m putting it on eBay or selling it to whoever wants to buy it. But, the important question is, who really would want to buy it if he went to City?

  • Gafter

    Keep him. Then arrange a training ground “accident” with Thomas Vermaelen  in early May meaning no club offers him a new contract in July.

  • Olufam1

    He was useless in euro 2012, so will he be anywhere he goes. One year of good performance and he believes he can repeat it again. Let him go to hell, there are youger players better than him. No man is indepencable, we shall all see when the new season starts. Good for nothing for seven years and anywhere he goes he will be a bench warmer. He his not after trophy but money. Sell him at once and let arsenal move forward. Simples.

  • Kaldridge21

    robn ..mate you could have become a legend if you sign on butmoney and greed will see you rotated in another club…you muppet!

  • Terence Andrade

    RVP- 30m
    Arshavin- 8m
    vela- 6m
    Diaby- 4m
    Denielson- 3m
    nikki b- 10m
    chamakh- 5m
    park- 3m
    djouuru- 7m
    walcott- 18m
    Rosicky- 5m

    Neymar- 30m
    belhanda- 15m
    Toress- 20m
    M’villa- 15m
    Toure- 4m
    Debushy- 6m
    Mertens- 15m

    fuck loyalty, fck emotion .. we want trophies… wenger you are not their father you are the manager if your emotional fuckin leave your job we want to win may be david moyes would do a better job.

    Toress, Neymar, girouud, podolski- 4
    Aoc(h), Gerviniho, Mertens- 3
    arteta, wilshare(h), ramsay(h), song(h), Lansbur(h) ,belhanda, m’villa, coquellen- 8
    vermy kozzer mert bartley(h)- 5
    santos sagna debushy gibbs(h)- 4
    Schny(h) juussi- 2

  • gooner4life

    Its really sad to see that  nowdays as my arsenal colleagues have said previous comments there is no longer any loyalty in the beuatiful game. Our club has nurtured and made some of the greatest footballers to grace the football feilds.Arsenal football club, under Arsene Wenger and those before him  have a history of making  great football players. We are proud of or heritage and in someways we are victims of our own success . We bring in little known players with some potential and make them into world class players which every other team want. We support them  through lacks of confidence , injury and self esteem as we have done with RVP and after one good season, as with adeboyors of this world  these players forget where they have come from and choose to leave,  and that is  once they have left they soon come to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. If RVP wants to go let him go. No one player is bigger than our club and after they have gone we will still be here and as in the past someone new will step up and fill the void which is left. We still have great players in our team and its time for us to get behind the players who want to be here, and show them our appreciation everytime  they step onto the feild of play.  Arsene knows…..

  • Limpar’s Wand

    Am I the only one to question just how good rvp really is? This isn’t out of bitterness, I swear!

    Leaving aside his appalling injury record, he really only played well for a season and a half out of 8. Alot of that time I was watching a selfish lazy guy who jogged around the halfway line worse than bendtner!

    Credit to him, he scored 30 plus goals last season. But so did adebayor. Striker for arsenal, especially with so many players afraid of shooting, is a dream job for a forward. Just look at the number of chances he got, it’s ridiculous. And it’s not like he created that many on his own.

    In truth, I was never convinced by arsenal with rvp on his own up front. That team can only play one way because he’s just not got the pace to beat a man. Just compare him to henry for a second and I think you can see the difference. Good player, but in a system ideally suited to him where everyone passes him the ball. Take that away and what you get is holland.

  • softwareking

    RVP made his decision to leave last season I suspect. It was then down to AW and the Board to sell him the idea of staying within the restrictive ( but understandable) financial structure that exists at Arsenal.

    UEFA fair pay is not RVP’s concern, nor do I believe is the money that much of an issue . What is of major concern to RVP is winning, read up on his his background, the way during his formative years how he would practice and practice for hours after training and how he aspired to emulate Dennis Bergkamp who he regarded as the ultimate winner.

    As fans we see things in mainly black and white when it comes to our football club. We either love or team or we don’t. They either played brilliant, or they didn’t, players are either loyal or they are traitors to the cause.

    RVP would have been pretty incenced when he read the recent comments by Peter Hill- Wood and Arsene Wenger, especially when AW played the guilt card over past injuries.

    He has reacted badly to that , no worse than you and I would under the circumstances.

    But make no mistake, the profit and loss balance sheets reads well for him. He alone keps us in the CL for this season, we will get a decent transfer fee for him, and he has provided us with some incredible footballing memories.

    Applaud him for achievements and understand that you support a club that is much greater then the sum of its parts.


  • Gunner4ever

    It will be very interesting to see where RVP ends up. If he loves Arsenal as he says, then he will not go to Man City. I can’t see him going to Juventus because of all the corruption.
    In Spain he can only go to one of two clubs, but where is the satisfaction in winning La Ligue when there are only two decent clubs. He could go to Celtic where he will be guaranteed A Championship medal for the next few seasons.


    This is all very sad… However NO PLAYER is bigger than ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB, i just hoped that Robin would have made the announcement through official Arsenal channels.. The way he came out today was disrespectful to the club. IF he does see out his contract. however, i am sure he will still give 100% to Arsenal. Personally i think we should cash-in now, but what do i know.

  • Gary Johnson

    It’s very sad that for a club he loves so much, he couldn’t get them to issue the statement. and for the fans who mean so much, he couldn’t expand on what the differences were.
    it all leads you to believe that regardless of what the club did or what Arsene and Ivan said he was always going to leave. he could have been legend, a faithful servant of the club and at the very least played out his final season or allowed the club to make the announcement.
    by doing things the way he has essentially means he is no better than cesc, and possibly even as bad as na$ri…

  • Arsenalism

    RVP refuses to sign new contract. A couple of things;
    He doesn’t have to!
    We don’t have to sell him and can hold him to his contract this season
    We lose Captains-Vieira. Henry. Gallas. Fabregas-on a regular basis
    Can anyone blame him?

    I don’t care about a player who doesn’t want to play for Arsenal even if his reasons are understandable

  • 5andip

    To all those saying rvp is intelligent, he cant be that smart to listen to people who convinced him to release that statement.

    if he really does love arsenal and is as smart as he is mooted to be, then as a parting gift, why not keep schtum to ensure we get a decent fee rather than significantly weakening our negotiating position with other clubs?

  • satish

    robin served his purpose last year. Let us take what he gave last year as what he owed back for sticking with him for 7 worthless years of his footballing life. The scores even. 
    Let’s move on. 
    Sell him or keep him, makes no difference. But make sure if he stays he’s stripped of his captaincy and only makes carling cup appearances.
    Sell theo and song right now, if necessary. And reinvest right away. Form a new team around Wilshere. Rosicky, Vermaelaen and Sagna could be great mentors anyday. Ensure next year around this time, we have no one that is unsettled.
    Future is bright for the mighty Red.

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