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Podolski – I want to help the poor in Poland

Arsenal's Lukas Podolski

Lukas Podolski has given an interview to where he talks about his desire to help the poor in Poland after establishing a support centre in Germany. He also talks about choosing to represent Germany over Poland.

The interview was in Polish, I’ve done the best I can with the disaster that is Google translate.

“Super Express” – Where did the idea to help Polish children come from?

Lukas Podolski – From the heart. First, children have always been very important to me, and secondly, for a long time I thought about it, to assist in Poland. Often I do this through various games, because I know that these guys are – how much would the poor and abandoned, it is enough that you throw him the ball, and already there is a smile.

I saw it with my own eyes in Warsaw. I came here for the first world championship of children from orphanages and I realised once again how much joy the ball can give. Polish children have won this tournament, so I was even more pleased.

- Sometimes, but the ball is not everything, especially when the stomach rumbling with hunger?

- That’s right. So I open a children’s home, or rather the welfare center, in the heart of Prague. I know this is one of the poorest parts of Warsaw. I care that children there had their own place to which they can come after school, eat a meal, take part in various activities.

We still have a little bit of paperwork, permits, renovation of the building, but if all goes well, in that year, and no later than the beginning of the next, the place will be open.

In Poland, moreover, as in Germany, there is still a lot of poverty, so you want to help. In Germany I have a support center, it’s time for Poland. Warsaw is the first step, but not the last. I was born in Gliwice, in district Sośnica. And that’s where I would like to create a second home.

- Poland can only help off the field, because the matches are not possible. Ever regret that you have chosen to play for Germany, not Polish?

- I have the account of 110 matches for Germany, and I scored 46 goals. At this point, it gives me the sixth place among the top scorers in the history of the German national team.

Recently, in a meeting with Ecuador, I scored a goal in the sixth second, the fastest goal in the history of the German national team. I played three times in the finals of EURO, and twice at the World Championships. In Brazil, if all goes well, my third World Cup is reckoning.

I think it’s too bad I did not choose? (Laughs). You do not need to play in the frame, to show that Poland is a country in the heart. For two teams I cannot play, and the Germans were faster.

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