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Reports – Higuain to Arsenal ‘imminent’

I’m not entirely sure that the press know what the word ‘imminent’ means [nor ‘agreed] for that matter, but after reports this morning that Carlo Ancelotti wanted to keep hold of Gonzalo Higuain, reports are now popping up all over European sites [I can’t track down the original source, I’ve just linked to one of the reports] that an announcement on Higuain to Arsenal is imminent after the player agreed [for the 1,000th time] terms with Arsenal – €6m per year for four years [€115k per week].

As I said, I can’t confirm the source of this at all, but one report said that his brother, who is also his agent, confirmed the deal to them [so they say], while all the others are reporting the same information without the brother bit.

As exciting as the thought of signing Higuain is, I really don’t know how much longer I can listen to people going on about us agreeing and agreeing and agreeing and agreeing.

According to journalist Graham Hunter Real Madrid were not interested in any sort of swap deal for Gareth Bale [as reported in The Times yesterday] and that Higuain wants Champions League football leaving Arsenal in poll position.

At least he left the word ‘agreed’ out.

Anyway, imminent they say.

Let’s see…

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