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Arshavin – The monotony crushed me

Andre Arshavin

Andrei Arshavin completed his move home to Zenit St Petersburg yesterday and the player has given an interview to Sport Express about his time in England and at Arsenal.

It seems he wasn’t too enamoured with the press and had a hard time mentally with not being picked to play.

It’s not a light-hearted interview.

Here is some of what he had to say [interview was in Russian, I’ve tried to tidy up the mess that is Google translate as best I can]

- If you had stayed in England one more year you could have got a residency permit, why did you not stay another year?

- The fact is that I did not stay in England, it was clear even in the winter.

- Why?

- Because I have not seen myself.

- This is because of football, life, anything else?

- It is complex. Life was such in England that I had to leave.

- Personal life, first of all?

- I do not want to talk about it. Although the fact that sometimes what is printed in the press, nothing but jokes. In particular, Layla Downing I do not know. And as “an affair with 45-year-old of Azerbaijani” – a fantasy so violent, that the holder only writes to shock. About what happened and is happening in reality, can be used to tell you. But today I am not exactly ready.

- Can you sum up the results of your four-year stay in the “Arsenal”?

- I think it is, above all, to talk about the lessons of life, not football. Moreover, a variety of lessons: at home, in relationships with people, in decision-making in different situations.

- You can say that you have become wiser?

- Wiser, unfortunately is unlikely ( laughs ). Rather, I have become more experienced.

- And what is the main lesson of the British mission?

- Chief probably will not stand out. But I looked at the big club from the inside, worked side by side with strong players, lived in a different environment with a very different mentality. I saw what it was like outside of Russia. In general, I learned a lot of useful.

- And yet the right time in the winter of 2009, would you move again to the Arsenal?

- I can say is unequivocally yes. I do not regret anything.

- Even the last two years?

- They are, of course, it would be better to live differently. I wanted to play and I want to, but what if the situation is like this?

- What is it dull to sit on the bench?

- It is punishment. Real football is hard labor. To train, knowing that all you are not played, psychologically it is extremely hard. I do not know how to describe the way that I knew who did not experience such feelings, but this kind of “release” I would not wish even to an enemy.

- Once you can ease your condition?

- Depends on the situation. In my case, it was clear that I would not play – whatever I did in training. In the end, you, as you can, concentrating in class, but the monotony still crushes and acts on the psyche.

- It is possible to fall into a depression?

- In order to prevent this from happening, you have to be mentally strong.

- You were?

- Period.

- Who or what keeps you afloat?

- In such cases, care is always going to relatives and friends. First of all, perhaps, from my mother. I myself tried to lead a normal life and to drive evil thoughts. The mood was not the best, but I tried that it did not affect the others.

- How would you rate your present physical form?

- I feel good.

- Of what there is “good”?

- Of the sensations of your body. I think I’m ready for normal operation. But if I actually am, will only know in practice.

- Time for something to get into the rhythm of the game is already half-forgotten, it will take a lot?

- Well, some is required. But how much, we’ll see as we go.

- Fans, it turns out you need to wait a bit?

- Must not wait, and come to the stadium to watch and support.

- But you did not promise to show from the first game?

- Who knows, who knows …

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