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Times claim Madrid to use Higuain to get Bale

In a report which comes somewhere out of left field The Times [paywall] are reporting that Real Madrid are going to use Gonzalo Higuain to help land Gareth Bale from Tottenham.


They say that Real Madrid will offer Higuain, Fabio Coentrao plus cash for the winger.

They offer no sources or evidence to back any of these claims up and I, for one, am very doubtful about the whole thing.

Even if it is true it would rely on Higuain agreeing to go to Spurs and with Arsenal trying to land the player since before he went to Spain you’d have to wonder why he would opt to go to the shadowy part of North London instead.

Sure, Spurs fans will no doubt descend upon this blog as they tend to do to tell me how they are the superior team [league finishes and titles would contradict that] and how they’ve closed the gap and we’re jealous of them [jealous of their inability to qualify for the Champions League, build a new stadium or win a league title in the era of colour television, you know it’s true eh?] but I don’t buy it.

The Times says that Villas-Boas tried to sign Higuain when he was at Chelsea – a completely different proposition than being at Spurs.

This is the sum total of what The Times have to say about the whole thing:

Real Madrid started their pursuit of Gareth Bale by offering Gonzalo Higuaín and Fábio Coentrão in a player-plus-cash deal for the Tottenham Hotspur forward.

As Carlo Ancelotti was presented as Real head coach yesterday, his president was trying to secure the Spanish club’s stellar signing of the summer. Florentino Pérez wants to exploit Tottenham’s need for a top striker and left back while avoiding having to meet the valuation of Bale, which could be as high as £85 million.

André Villas-Boas, the Tottenham head coach, tried to sign Higuaín in 2011 when he was in charge at Chelsea.

They then just go in to descriptions of the players involved and some stuff about Tevez.

Surprisingly, the only time they mention Arsenal in the whole piece is when they quote Higuain’s brother who said he was close to joining Arsenal. Once. That’s the only mention Arsenal get about a player everyone and their dog has been talking about joining Arsenal.

I could be wrong, and I often am, but this smells of nothing more than silly season nonsense and even if that’s what Real Madrid do try and do, the players involved all have to agree and that is very often easier said than done.


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