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Higuain’s dad – No Arsenal deal

According to Gonzalo Higuain’s dad there is no deal in place with Arsenal yet and he claims that the player would not be agreeing personal terms with a club before Real Madrid had agreed a fee.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Jorge Higuain said

‘Nothing has been signed yet, but I can assure you there are advanced talks between the clubs. We wouldn’t arrange any personal contract before the clubs agree for the transfer. I’m aware Arsenal has made a strong  offer, as well as Juventus.’ 

This matches up with what Ernesto Bronzetti said at the end of last week.

Real Madrid were said to have sanctioned the sale despite the fact that their new manager is not yet in place but it seems that this saga has a bit to run yet.

Reports that were spreading over Twitter that Higuain was on his way for a medical over the weekend can clearly be taken for the nonsense that they are.

It just goes to show that it is almost impossible to know what to believe at this time of the year, no matter what site it is reported on – hence what we try to do here – get to the bottom of the bull and find out what is likely to happen.

At this point, in regards to Higuain, it would seem that all we know is Arsenal are interested and are in a stronger financial position than Juventus. Beyond that, who knows how this will all turn out?


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