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Celtic accept bid for Wanyama

According to the Mail Celtic have accepted a £10m bid for Victor Wanyama, a player long linked with a move to Arsenal – except the bid is from Southampton.

Now, not to dismiss Southampton but if Arsenal have all this cash to spend it would seem strange that they would be linked with players who are on Southampton’s level. Maybe that’s just me and I’m not saying that good players won’t go there, it just strikes me as odd.

The Daily Mail claim Arsenal are still interested in the player along with Liverpool and Inter Milan but, again, I point you to the Southampton factor. Arsenal, Liverpool, Inter Milan, Southampton, doesn’t sound right does it?

At only 21 years of age there is no doubt room for the player to develop and with only one year left on his contract £10m represents excellent business for the Scottish side who only paid £900,000 for the Kenyan two years ago when they signed him from Belgian side Beerschot.

At the start of June we brought you comments by Wanyama’s mentor who saw Arsenal as a stepping stone to the likes of Manchester United. Jean-Marie Abeel said

“Victor’s father Noah calls me almost every week and he tells me Arsenal’s interest is big.

“Wenger spoke to Celtic around a month ago and Victor’s father and his mother Mildred says he would prefer to go there before any other club.

“I will be speaking to his parents again in a week’s time and Victor also. But I already know that Arsenal have a big interest in the player.

“Everything can change in a minute. It takes just one phone call. It’s all a bit of a show at the moment. It’s all a game. It’s all about money. But Victor wants to go to a club where he will play.

“He is still young and I have told him he needs to be careful about when he takes the really big step.

‘I think myself that it’s better that he has a step in between before going to the really big level.

“Celtic play nice football. But every competition is different and the English Premier League is the really big one. It’s just a question of what level Victor goes to.

“Van Persie went to Arsenal then moved on later to Manchester United. Victor can do the same if he goes to Arsenal. And I believe that is what he wants. He wants to go to Arsenal.”

So the Arsenal link is real if you believe these comments, I just can’t get past the fact that we would be competing with Southampton for a player. No disrespect to Southampton, of course who could be chancing their arm and ready to make Wanyama their big summer signing, and we did enquire about Andy Carroll who went to West Ham so maybe I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

It all just strikes me as odd.

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