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Sao Paulo still not sure if they can afford Denilson


Having agreed with Arsenal to cancel the last remaining year of his contract you would have thought this would have cleared the player to stay at Sao Paulo, a club where he is highly regarded and one at which he loves playing.

Not so it seems.

The vice president of the Brazilian side thinks that money could *still* be an issue and told media

On several occasions he [Denilson] has declared interest in staying.

A possibility exists, provided that we can balance the issue of financial order.

About moving to Sao Paulo on a permanent basis, Denilson said before his contract was cancelled

“I am very happy to hear the coach say I am one of the best in my position, and we will not give up on making my stay at the club permanent.

“As everyone knows, my future is indefinite, but I feel at home here.”

The manager also wants Denilson to stay, rating him as one of the best in Brazilian football.

Ney Franco said

“It is another player which do not give up. We will not find on the market a player with the talent of Denilson.

“To me, it’s one of the best wheels of Brazilian football. Had a conversation with Adalberto [Baptista, director of football] and I think the club to meet his coach, have to do everything.”

It is not clear where Denilson will end up, but we wish him well wherever that is.

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