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Sanogo has Arsenal medical

According to the Lyon website Yaya Sanogo has undergone his medical with Arsenal ahead of his transfer to the club this summer.

President of Auxerre, Guy Cotret said

He gave us his answer. He chose to join Arsenal and so he left to have his medical there.

Yesterday Sanogo himself was quoted as saying

“Arsenal could be a great club for me, I scored nine goals this season with Auxerre and they think I can improve my level in England.

“I am pleased to be following in the footsteps of Abou Diaby who came through from Auxerre.

“There are many teams interested in me, but Arsenal is my choice.”

Sanogo decided to join Arsenal despite offers from other clubs and a two year extension on the table from Auxerre. There have been some whispers that the player was not happy at how he was treated when he was out injured although these are unsubstantiated rumours.

There has been no confirmation from Arsenal beyond Arsene Wengr’s comments last week that negotiations for the player were at an advanced stage.


  • Nigel

    So sad when you have to keep trotting out historical facts. Live in the now, it’s proven that it’s healthier for you………still I guess that fact might not be relevant if you’re a floundering goon

    • Wayne_gooner

      Lol at the spurs morons! History hurts ey! 50 years is a long wait. Thats also like the 15 years you’ve had to look above u in the table at us. Envy hurts. 6 years ago u crumbled in great style with lasagne gate wen fighting us for fourth. It may not happen again but come bk to this site in 15 years time and show us ur trophy cabinet! We may lose today, we may not but dont start shouting from the hilltops yet yids theres a long way to go… Come on u gunners

      • Stewstewbarneymagrew

        The scum to drown in their own ignorance. 4-0. You should play with the ARSEnal ladies team, give yourself a chance today.

  • Hhh

    I love bucking goon sluts,what are you doing later?

    • Nickspinkboots

      I’m completely free, want to meet up? 

  • Dizzy9norman

    Is nicspinkbooots a thai ladyboy? anyway i see the we have got injuries excuse trotting out already.Of course in the past no Spurs side or any other side would have had injuries when they played the Arses would they?.

    • Nickspinkboots

      I’m not a thai ladyboy, which makes two of us. I’m also not a cretin, which makes one of us. Go back to your hole, Lilywhite cun-

  • Clarkey

    Good to see that the best thing Spurs fans have to do on the morning of the derby is comment on Arsenal blogs. Go and do something productive you bunch of morons. 

  • Davejones82

    I can’t take it any more with Wenger, I’m changing my alligenance to spurs, at least the Levy knows what hes doing

    • DR

      Drive your Chevy there every day if you want, the Levy is dry.

      Anyway, if the Ox hadn’t emerged as a first teamer and Afobe wasn’t back from injury there is no way that Arshavin would have been on his way out. I feel we get more from the Ox and maybe Afobe whilst we’re unlikely to get less from Park as well, we’re stronger now than at the start of the season. Feel free to dismiss that as mindless optimism but if anyone can honestly say they’d prefer to have Arsh to the Ox, I’ll get the strait jackets myself.

  • Cartel_only

    mind that gap?  how ironic, cause a 13 point gap is what everyone will be saying come 3.30pm

    • Bighg11

       Captain hindsight here to tell you you’re wrong about that !! ;)

  • Nilarapp

    living in the past ..Arse only started to pass the ball 15 years ago congratulations!!

  • Londonjameuk

    only 4pts now,old droopy and co must be looking over their shoulder,still living in arsenals shadow you bunch off cunts..

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