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Barca team-mates give Cesc Arsenal stick

In an interview with Dan Walker on BBC Sport, Gerard Pique joked that he and other Barca players give Cesc Fabregas a bit of stick about Arsenal not winning anything.

Fabregas left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011 in a big-money move, having originally started his career at Barca as a youngster. Pique had a similar journey, moving for a few years to Manchester United before going back to the Nou Camp. In his interview he discusses the best players in the Premier League at the moment, such as Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Gareth Bale, but he also mentioned that Fabregas still likes to talk up his old team Arsenal.

“We [Barcelona squad] talk about van Persie and Rooney. Fabregas loves to talk about Arsenal but we say they have no chance of winning the title this season!”

Pique was one of the many driving forces behind Fabregas’ move away from Arsenal, as he and players like Sergio Busquets indulged in a great deal of tapping up, tempting Cesc home and talking about his ‘Barcelona DNA’. However, some recent quotes from the former Gunners captain suggest he is not finding life too enjoyable at his boyhood club at the moment.
Taking both these stories into consideration, is it possible that a return to Arsenal for Fabregas in the near future would not be so crazy to imagine?
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