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Matri not interested in Arsenal move

Juventus forward Alessandro Matri says he is happy at Juventus, despite rumours of interest from Arsenal and Liverpool.

The 28-year-old has not been a first-team regular in Turin this season, but says he has no plans to leave the Italian champions as he insists he still feels valued at the club.

According to TalkSport, he told Italian media:

“It’s clear that I want to play in every game, but I’ve always felt like the club have backed me, that they have always been close to me. That’s a nice thing for players who are not used all of the time.

“When I’ve been called into action I’ve been ready and the side hasn’t missed who I have replaced. If I am made to feel like an important player then I would prefer to stay at Juventus, rather than join another club who could perhaps offer me more playing time.

“If the time comes where you start to lose faith then it is better to change clubs. Yet that moment hasn’t arrived yet. If it does then it will be me who asks to leave.”

Matri doesn’t seem like a Wenger signing to me, and it’s not clear really how interested Arsenal are, as most of the stories arising have not really had any quotes involving us, merely quotes from Matri or Juve refuting speculation about his future. Not enough to make much of a conclusion.
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  • Leesmith2912

    I  agree with your sentiments to a large part – But I don’t know why, but feel it was a bit harsh on Chamakh, who did well for the team when he first arrived(again while RvP was out). Still feel an extended run would put it right…

  • jft09

    Everyone talks about goetze, but do we really need him? I saw a lot of exciting things against ManCity. He would simply exist as a backup to wilshere, or vice versa.

    • Omglol

      Everyone need Gotze, i rarely hype player, but this guy is fantastic (but we wont and cant get him) And dont see Gotze leaving this transfer window, they need him a lot to keep up for the title race.

  • Fabio_johnan1

    I would rather go for Pato, He has the talent  in him to take on from Van Persie if and when required. Gotze does everything that Ramsay does, may be a little bit better. But with Wilshire +Ramsey we probably are better off without Him. Wilshire playing a Alonso type role and Ramsey with his lamparesque late runs in the box would be a joy for any team

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