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Vermaelen won’t be sold, but might lose captaincy

An article on Sporting Preview has linked Thomas Vermaelen with a summer move away from Arsenal, with Barcelona apparently eyeing up the Belgian as a long-term replacement for Carles Puyol. Supposedly they are deciding between him and Liverpool’s Daniel Agger.

However, this story seems to be based on little more than an article in the Daily Mail, which suggests that Jack Wilshere will be promoted to captain next season, with Vermaelen seemingly struggling to deal with the pressure of the role this year.

This story has come up before, and the more it appears the more one thinks there might be something to it. It’s certainly easy to see that Vermaelen has had a noticeably worse campaign this year than ever before, and though it’s surprising to see him struggle with this new weight on his shoulders, it can affect your game. Although he’d gained a reputation as being a fighter and mentally strong, perhaps he isn’t as ideal captaincy material as many fans had thought.

But then, the same could be true of Wilshere, who is still young and relatively inexperienced. Is there any need to add more pressure to one of the club’s most hyped up players? Already a regular for England and Arsenal, the 21-year-old is already in the spotlight enough as it is.

Anyway, I can’t see Barca being too impressed with Vermaelen to think he’s good enough to replace Puyol at the moment. Though, another story emerged recently that they were looking at him as a possible left-back, which I discussed here.

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