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Henry pays tribute to veteran Red

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has paid tribute to Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher, who is set to retire at the end of this season after a great career at Anfield.

The French striker played for Arsenal against Carragher many times, and rates him as one of the best defenders he’s played against. In an exclusive interview with Liverpool FC Magazine, he said:

“I was lucky because I was physically very quick. Everybody could see that. It was obvious. So straightaway people could say: ‘Thierry Henry – he’s quick.’

“It is not so easy to see inside a player’s mind. Jamie’s mind was very, very quick. In some ways that is an unfortunate quality to have because it is not an obvious quality. It takes a while for people to see it. But when you are there on the pitch competing against someone with a quick mind, you know about it.

“Defenders don’t always get the recognition they deserve for keeping a clean sheet… The way I saw it, especially with Jamie, is that when I was at my best and he was at his best, neither player would win and it would be up to someone else to either win or lose the match.”

Given Henry’s impressive goal-scoring record against Liverpool, he obviously didn’t find it too tough! Still, he’s a class act to give this interview, and he’s always been keen to give credit to defenders.

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