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Per & Podolski talk Bayern, piggy banks, carnivals & more [video plus translation]

Arsenal’s Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski took part in an Adidas hangout [the video can be watched below but it’s in German].

The translation is from and can be accessed using this link.

Host: Firstly, Carnival prince Lukas, Carnival Monday in London, that’s a torture for you, isn’t it?  (*Carnival Monday = Rosenmontag, is a special Carnival day for cologne. The famous carnival parade is on this day in Cologne)
Lukas: Why? The Carnival Parade just went by, Per and I enjoyed it, collected some sweets (In Cologne, sweets are thrown from the parade floats)

Host: Do you have a dedicated from London to Cologne?
Lukas: Of course, the telephone line is always hot to Cologne! Especially now, during Carnival time!

Host: You’ve been were active today on facebook, posted a lot of pics. Your family probably celebrates right now, don’t they?
Lukas: Yeah, family and friends are celebrating carnival. We had a day off today in London. But my family enjoys the Carnival.

Host: It was a successful weekend for all of you. For some on the pitch, for some on the bench Lukas didn’t play, he got a rest. Per played the full 90 minutes. You achieved a tight win against Sunderland. Was that because Lukas didn’t play?
Thomas: Hohohoho!
Per: What?!
Thomas: Stay calm now!
Per: Sadly we were one man less after 60 minutes. So a good defense was our main priority, so Lukas had to stay on the bench, we didn’t want to take a risk in the last 30 minutes. We’re very satisfied to get 3 points, away on a rugged pitch.

Host: Of Course. Lukas is also very successful, the man with the most assists up to now in the Premier League. Are you proud of that? You do really well in the EPL, no?
Lukas: Yes, I’m doing fine, I’m satisfied. I’m here now for half a year, up to now, everything is fine. Let’s wait until Tuesday, then I can say more.
Bastian: Why? What are you doing tomorrow?
Lukas: On Tuesday!
Bastian: Yes, tomorrow is Tuesday!

Host: No, next week Basti!
Bastian: Well, you have to say that!
Host: The 19. February.
Lukas: You do know that we play against each other, do you? Or are you banned for the game or did something happen or what?

Host: Basti has to talk to the management again before the game. For everyone of our audience: On the 19. February is the 1st leg game of the Champions League round of sixteen. FC Bayern against Arsenal in London. Everyone knows now.
Bastian: Yeah, now I know.
Thomas: I just get on the bus.

Host: So, for the Munich boys: I’ve seen it live you swept away Schalke this weekend. Looked a little bit like a training game. Everything runs smoothly.
Lukas: Direct Freekick!

Host: Yes, a direct freekick. Perfectly scored. Probably also because of your new boots. Basti you play in new Adidas boots.
Lukas: Yeah, thanks to me! Because I persuaded him!
*everyone laughs*
Thomas: Well, I didn’t say much until now. But I have to comment on this!
Lukas: Ok, say it!
Thomas: First class! These are the first boots of Bastian Schweinsteiger that he didn’t let re-sow for 14 times before he played in them! Kudas Adidas, that you could do this!
Per: Do they bring an advantage or what?
Thomas: You could see it!
Per: Worldclass.
Lukas: Only few can do this … You know, from 300 attempts …
Thomas: Really now, since he wears the yellow boots he can shoot again.
Lukas: Oh! That was a bad attack!
Thomas. No no no, this was a compliment!

Host: The shoes are named Adizero F50 …
Lukas: Designed by Lukas Podolski!

Host: …and now on the feet of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Bastian, you are top of the table, 15 points ahead of the second, that’s Bundesliga record after 21 matchdays. Who can stop you now?!
Bastian: Well, looks like we are the only ones who can stop ourselves. It’s up to us to win the championship. Dortmund and Leverkusen are of course good opponents, but it’s up to us to win the championship.

Host: What interests us now is the Champions League game next week in London. If we look at the statistics we sadly have to say: The signs are good for the FC Bayern.
Thomas: Why do you have to say “sadly”? Firstly, we are all German and I think Poldi & Per are also on our side.

Host: Of course. We agreed on that beforehand. *laughs* How much do you look forward to this game?
Per: We have an important cup game on Saturday, we want to get to next round of the FA Cup. Therefore the preparations for Bayern are not so advanced yet. I think from Sunday on we will prepare ourselves for Tuesday.
Thomas: That’s a short preparation.
Per: Yes, but I already know you by heart.
Thomas: *laughs* I don’t even know myself.
Per: *laughs* Therefore, no stress!

Host: What about Munich?
Thomas: We’ll play Friday. I think we’ll make a good game and then we focus on Tuesday.
Per: In which hotel will you stay?
Thomas: I don’t know. I think in London.

Host: Bastian, you are national team teammates, and for some time you played at the same club. What is it like when you meet on the pitch as opponents? Do you swear? Do you call each other names? And afterwards you apologize or what is it like between you?
Bastian: No, the atmosphere between us is ok. With Lukas you can have a laugh on the field, it’s difficult to concentrate, because he confuses you, he always jabbers. I think when Lukas plays left and Thomas plays right the audience will get a earache because they talk so much.
Lukas: They will have a lot of fun!
Thomas: Yes, yes. They will have more fun than seeing you jumping around in the middle.
Lukas: Ah, stop it! You’re always lying around on the ground!

Host: Do you text each other after games? Bastian has made a beautiful free-kick goal, do you follow this? Do you text him afterwards and congratulate him?
Lukas: Of course. Since he wears his new shoes all the more. He stands out even more. Well, when you watch the “Sportschau” and watch FC Bayern, the yellow boots really stand out, you know directly who this is.

Host: There was another highlight this weekend in Munich. Basketball, Alba Berlin against Bayern Munich. Bastian Schweinsteiger co-moderated this game.
Per & Lukas: Oh my god.

Host: And even better: Lukas Podolski texted him and Bastian read the SMS aloud live in the arena.
Per: No, no, I don’t believe that!
Lukas: That was a big scandal for sure *laugs*
Thomas: Why? What happend? I once again didn’t notice anything.
Bastian: No, Buschi, I mean Frank Buschmann, who commented the game, always looked at my mobile phone and read off my phone what Poldi wrote. There were funny things, but nothing bad, nothing were we need to contact our lawyers now.

Host: Does Bastian have a notion of Basketball?
*Bastian nods*
Lukas: He starts to get a clue. But as cologne double-winner I’m ahead of you!
Thomas: Well, if Basti continues to stay tuned at Basketball for 10 – 15 years, then we will maybe get more important in the Basketball section.
Per: oooooh! There is already a crisis between them!
Thomas: No, no, but I need to clarify something: It was already mentioned in the media that Bastian is among the best, if not THE best, basketballer in the team, but there was already trouble because of that in the team. Therefore I need to get things straight.

Host & Lukas & Per: Aha.

Host: But I heard, I think Mandzukic said it, you talk a lot Thomas.
Per & Lukas: Wooooaah!
Thomas: But that’s not something new. You can see that every Saturday and every Wednesday in German TV how much I talk.
Bastian: Every Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday you can read that too.
Thomas: Yeah, exactly. So, there is not much to say about this despite I like to say a lot. That’s funny *hehe*
*Per & Basti & Lukas laughing and shaking their heads*

Host: How do you communicate which each other? Do you communicate with each other? During the week?
Per: Well, we met Müller during the week with the national team. Bastian was not there.
Lukas: He had a really serious injury, really serious. So he sadly had to cancel *laughs*
Per: So, it’s difficult to communicate with him. *laughs*

Host: What do you miss the most in London? Lukas, what do you miss from Cologne? Per, what do you miss from Bremen and Hannover?
Lukas: I’ve been here for 7 months and I have to say I really like it here. I was not as much in Cologne as people maybe think. The city is great, a great club, I feel good. I’m looking forward to the next years here.
Per: The only thing I miss here is less traffic. It’s unbelievable how much traffic there is in only. I sometimes only wish for free streets. In Hannover or Bremen I had no problem with this. There’s also the tube and busses, that Lukas sometimes uses.
Host: You outed yourself as tube-fan Lukas, no?
Lukas. Absolutely. Absolut Tube-Fan!

Thomas: Wait! I have a surprise for you! I take my big head out of the way.
*Thomas shows his golden boot from the 2010 World cup*
Everyone: Oooooh!
Thomas: Bastian, do you want to sniff at it?
Lukas: None of you can beat this showcase behind us. That’s unique!
(from the last hangout we already know these are Pers & Ulrikes trohpies and medals) Even the host cannot keep up with this! With this flowers in the background~

Host: That are pics from Munich. From our sights!
Lukas: Do you have sights in Munich?

Host: Of Course! The “Siegestor” for example.
Thomas: Weißwurst (a sausage)

Host: What is the first thing you remember when you think of Munich Lukas?
Lukas: Difficult to say. A lot of good impressions.
Thomas: Pilsensee! Pilsensee! (a lake near Munich)

Host: Your Highlight?
Thomas: A 4-digit loss against me!
Lukas: I don’t have enough time to tell everything.

Host: We miss you here in Munich.
Everyone else: oooooh!
Lukas: I’m back again soon!

Host: Exactly, for the 2nd leg game, in March.

Host asks what they think about the CL draw~

Per: We’re looking forward to be in Germany for a few days. We’re looking forward to see Basti again.
Lukas: Yeah, because in the national team we haven’t seen him that much lately.
Bastian: Why? We’ll see each other again 2014 in Brazil!
*Lukas shows a pic of Bastian (GQ-Shooting) on his phone*
Host: aaaaahw!
Thomas: Schweinsteiger, Bastian.
Host: Nice!

Bastian talks about Arsenal~
Bastian: Especially in the ehm, Emirates Stadium?
Per & Lukas: *thumbs up* Yeah, that’s it!
Thomas: Is it full? Is the game sold-out?
Lukas: Of course, always!
Thomas: How many seats does it have?
Per: 60.000
Bastian: 60?
Thomas: Good atmosphere!
Bastian: It will not be easy, they are also in a good shape. And these two blind men also have some abilities. It will be a hard task.
Thomas: Yes, it will be hard. I don’t want to philosophize too much. My  ”Phrasenschwein” is already full (The “Phrasenschwein” is a piggy bank and always when you make a typical football phrase you have to throw in some money)

*Lukas shows a carnival picture*
Host: Oh how nice, who is this?
Thomas: Poldi on the right with the red wig, Schuhmacher in the middle and on the left .. hard to say …
Lukas: You don’t know him, right?! *laugs*
Thomas: Per, takes Poldis phone away!

Host: Would you like to play in the Premiere League? Or would you prefer the spanish or the italian league?
Thomas: Yeah, I think I would perfectly fit in the Premiere League with my good physique *laughs*

Host: Your tip for the 1st leg game? Bastian, you start!
Bastian: I should start?!
Thomas: Is this a tip where I say what I think the result will be or what I hope the result will be?
Host: A mix of both!
Bastian: Hm, than I say … hm, 0-0.
Host: A 0-0 draw? No goals?
Thomas: Well~ Basti, we should tip a 2-2, that is much better.
Per: 0-0 is good for us.
Thomas: Yeah. 0-0 is good for Arsenal.You are a real expert Bastian!
Per & Lukas laugh
Thomas: Oh my!
Per: Away we take a 2-2, you can have a 0-0 in London.
Lukas: New BILD-Headline! Schweinsteiger says: 0-0 in London, 2-2 in Munich.
*Everyone laughs*
Bastian: Man, one time I want to be nice to you and I still get squashed.

Host: Do you bet between yourself? Some small things?
Thomas: No no, you have to be carefull with bets.
Per: [Mikel] Arteta wants to have a national team jersey from you for 2 year now. Everytime you’re not there! I always come back and I can’t give him one and then I get problems. Can’t you bring one to London?
Bastian: Mull (Thomas?!) can bring one.
Thomas: Yes.
Lukas: And I want your scarf too. The scarf you wear right now.
Thomas: But it’s unique.
Bastian: This scarf is unique Lukas!

Bastian: Look who’s calling me!
Harald Stenger calls – Harald is the former DFB media director
*Everyone laughs*

Thomas: Ok, Per says 2-2, Poldi 3-1 for Arsenal, I say 5-2 for Bayern.

Host: So what will you guys be doing now?
Thomas: Eat something and then I’ll go to bed..
Host: This early?
Thomas: Yeah, I’ll do something more too, but nothing worldshaking. Per: Tonight is the Berlin Derby, isn’t it? 2. Bundesliga.
Lukas: Yeah, Berlin Derby!
Bastian: Thomas must go to the horse stable.
Thomas: No, I already was in the morning. At 7 o’clock I arealdy mocked out the stable.
*Per & Lukas making horse noises* (these boys are so silly X’D)
Host: What are you doing in London?
Lukas: Nothing.
Thomas: And you Poldi? You still have to go home, don’t you?
Lukas: No, I’ll be staying at Per’s.
Thomas: Yeah, because of the murderous traffic in London, you won’t arrive at home before tomorrow, no?
Lukas: And tomorrow he’ll take me to training. That’s real friendship!


Thanks to @kuubaAFC for the link to the translation

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