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Podolski – Lewandowski will do what he thinks is right + 4th is worst case

Arsenal's Lukas Podolski

Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski has given an interview to the Polish website gwizdek.24 where he talks about the future of Robert Lewandowski, his time at Arsenal and what he sees as the clubs chances of a top four finish.

This is what he had to say [via Google Translate]

You have 44 goals for Germany, so you know how to score. What about Lewandowski? Great shooter, but he is stuck and is now 792 minutes without a goal?

- You should not rely Lewandowski those minutes without a goal! He is one of the best strikers in the world, and certainly the best who is Polish for years. Poles should be proud of him, and should not point out to him that he could not get a few goals in game.

But it does not surprise you that the club shoots as if on cue, and staff do?

- But the team did not specifically misses. I even came to a thousand minutes without goals, you have to give him a break. The striker should feel that, despite the troubles Poles keep our fingers crossed for him. Pointing the finger of minutes is not fair. The more that soon will surely break and start hitting.

Do you think he should move from Borussia to Bavaria? 

- I never advise another football player and I do not like when someone suggested I try something. He will do what he thinks is right.

You exchanged Cologne for Arsenal in the summer?

- It was a great choice. In London I and the family feel very well on the pitch and I’m doing it well. I’ve already scored 12 goals for Arsenal, I have 10 or 11 assists. This is only half a year of my game here, but if I had to choose the most beautiful goals that best matches, that’s what I had to.

What is battling Arsenal? Because it is unlikely for the championship of England.

- The first two places are quite beyond our reach. Too many points lost. However, we can still take a place on the podium. A fourth in the worst case. This is important because in terms of qualifying for the Champions League.

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