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Monreal says thank you and goodbye to Malaga fans

Nacho Monreal, signed on deadline day and thrust in to the Arsenal starting line up for his debut less than 48 hours, has taken some time to thank the Malaga staff and fans for his time there.

Via Google translate, it’s a bit iffy, but this is what he had to say:

“I have been given this opportunity to come here to say goodbye because it was very fast and I had the opportunity, or the peers, or the fans. You’ve got to come here to watch the game and I wanted to take this time to say goodbye to everyone.

“It has been a fabulous year and a half, people treated me very well, I felt very embraced by all, felt much love and could not leave without saying goodbye, thank you to all the fans for the encouragement and the moments that have made ​​me go.

“I’m super happy but while I wish them well at Malaga, which is in my heart, I leave here with very good  friends and I will follow you from a distance. Thank you. ”

“It was all very fast. The same day I reported the chance to go there [to Arsenal], I was accepted and was arriving the next day and was playing the game.

“In principle, cost a little fit but I’m very happy

“It’s been a very nice year and a half for me, all the friendships I’ve made ​​with the people of the club, the fans … I’ve always felt like I was at home and today [yesterday] I just want to thank you and tell you that there will be another jellyfish in London, ”

“I do know that I will miss Malaga because it was a very good period for me in every way, in terms of life and football. If people missing me is because I left a good memory and in that sense, I will be very grateful, “

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