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Deadline Day Update: Moves for Villa and Jovetic Reported

Deadline day has arrived – and love it or hate it – it’s the day when more rumours fly around the twitter than any other day. Earlier this morning we looked at Wenger’s hint that he might be in the market today and Mark has already taken apart an article from the Mirror this morning that stated we were going to find (and sign) a left back today.

In the meantime Twitter has erupted in the last hour saying that we have made a final move for David Villa –with Wenger being encouraged to make the move due to Villa’s willingness to move to England. I’m not going to mention all of the hurdles with this deal…But with wages, his fee, his age Villa’s new baby and Barcelona’s unwillingness to make a deal taken into account there is a long way to go with this before anything happens. (I don’t think it will).

Another rumour that has been returning is that we apparently made an offer for Stevan Jovetic yesterday – and whilst our bid was knocked back – Wenger has taken his abacus out to work out if he can afford to make another move. Obviously this doesn’t even take into account whether the player actually wants to move to us or if Fiorentina will sell him. But money talks – it’s just whether Wenger wants to spend what would without question be our record fee on him. I’ll even let you decide what my reply in the twitter conversation should be……

So basically – we have no concrete information about anything. In fact – I wouldn’t even say we have paper mache information. I don’t doubt our interest in either player. But there is a big difference between interest and a player signing. But it’s always good to hope….

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