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Arsenal and Barcelona reportedly chase centreback

According to various reports Arsenal and Barcelona are both interested in signing Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund in this transfer window.

I first saw this report on the Italian site Calciomercato but it is being reported on a number of other wesbites. Unfortunately for anyone looking to get excited about this rumour, it seems as if it originated on Fanatix which means that it has as much chance of being true as London has of seeing 50c weather today.

The report on Fanatix, which seems to be nothing more than a feeder site for Caughtoffside, said that Arsenal are lining up a massive £55m bid for Mario Gotze and Mats Hummels.

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Fanatix ‘have learned’ [code for ‘have made up] that Arsenal are getting ready to smash their transfer record not once but twice in this window.

Of course, they offer no sources or information which could possibly back up their ridiculous assertion that Arsenal are going to offer £30m for Gotze and £25m for Hummels. They claim that Arsenal offered £32m for Gotze which was rejected but that the player now has a £30m release clause. Makes sense eh?

I believe that Arsenal might be prepared to ‘go big’ for one player, but two? And how likely is it that Borussia Dortmund would be willing to let both players go in the middle of the season?


The report which I read on the Italian website has added Barcelona, just to spice the story up a little. They offer no evidence to back up either Arsenal or Barca’s interest.

  • john

    If we do get anything to do. I dare to predict that Man of the Match will Scezesny.

  • bt62 gooner

    Mornin LA,going to be bloody hard today but backs against the wall fu%k them all RED ARMY!!!RED ARMY!!! whoever wears the shirt today behind them all (nearly broke out in song How did the tip to Dublin go? Sing loud sing proud!!!!!!!!! AFFA!!!!!

  • NorthBankJay

    Even if we do lose, I hope the reactions from so called fans and the press are realistic but I doubt it! Any team going to
    Old Trafford are likely to lose but I’m sure if we do it will be tagged as a crisis at the Arsenal!

    • Skid64

      If we do lose the reaction from the “real fans” the ones who dare to criticise will be realistic and very valid. Here are a few I’d like answering ?

      1, Why when AW knew we had a tough start to the season has he left our transfer dealing so late ?

      2, Why didn’t AW set a deadline for the transfer of Cesc say the second week of July, why let it drag on and interfere with preseason ?

      3, At £6m why didn’t AW purchase Enrique ?

      All valid questions I’m sure you’ll agree !

      • Spectrum

        And another question ;  Why did we insult Bolton with a paltry offer of 6 million for Gary Cahill ? This close to the end of the transfer window, and Wenger still plays the cheapskate. Incredible. And now our latest statement of “intent” is Park Chu Young. Wow. The “super super quality player” we’ve all been waiting for !!!  LOL.
                           Wenger doesn’t buy on the basis of quality, but on who he can get for the lowest price. No wonder, according to his own words, we’re no longer a big club.
                                                         ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • Spectrum

      North Bank Jay -  “Tagged a crisis” ?  It IS a crisis !  And one which was entirely predictable, to those who were willing to see.
                                                   ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • Skid64

      NorthBankJay your reaction to the 8-2 defeat ?

  • David Onon

    I drop in here from time to time. Should do it more frequently because I love your writing. You’ve stirred my feelings for the clash. For me the key in today’s game will be Rosicky. He had a fantastic half against Udinese and people seem to be warming towards him. But he can’t be absent for virtually an entire season, show up for one half, and expect to justify his existence in the squad.

    If he plays today I’d like to see him to step up and make an impression whether we win or lose. Overall, the result is not what I’m primarily concerned with, though my enthusiasm from my sofa will be no less intense. But I’ll be interested in studying how the players on the pitch confront this insurmountable task, and I’ll be determining who looks ready for the uphill climb we will undoubtedly be faced with for the entirety of the season.

    Buckle up, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride and such.

  • mobbdeen

    Who knows?


    (Couldn’t resist)

  • Kipmonster

    After Wednesday’s triumph it’s staggering that no urgency was shown to sign 1 or 2 players before today’s game. Added to the fact we have scarily weak squad going up there, we will no doubt be up against it further when ManUre loving Howard Webb turns it into 12 vs 10 . Watch out for Ashley Young & his theatrical dives that will get an unjust penalty &/or Red Card to an Arsenal player or both. I fear that it could be a disaster on the scale of the 6-1 Stepanovs shocker BUT am praying that Rosicky has 90 mins like the man possessed the other night, Arshavin mans up & shows us the player who singlehandedly ran matches for Zenit & Ramsey who undoubtedly has the ability to take on the Cesc mantle but has needed 90 min games under his belt to build up match fitness, makes that step up Today to dominate the middle of the park with his incisive passing.

  • Ninja

    Any stream links?

  • Bibby

    To all Arsene Wenger lovers: are you with Arsene or Arsenal? Just ask yourselves. Does Wenger really deserve to be managing this club right now? I have never seen a worse arsenal performance in the 25 years I have been supporting this club. Wenger is still the highest pain coach in the EPL but he is coaching a relegation bound team.

  • Spectrum

    A complete humiliation. David Pleat, the commentator at the match, said our
    defending was shambolic and disorganised. He didn’t think Koscielny was
    up to Premier league standard, either. Why do we ALWAYS play with such a
    high defensive line ? United took full advantage.

    And why didn’t we have anyone on the goal line
    covering the post ? It was obvious there was a huge gap there to aim at,
    and they duly exploited it. Set pieces again. Same old problems.
    Criminal neglect that defending hasn’t been improved. No tactical
    changes at half time.

    Ten goals conceded in three league games. Eight
    points behind the leaders. And the United fans were singing “Six years
    and you’ve won f–k all ! ” With this display, it’s easy to see why.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it – ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • Dane

      If arsenal play with a man on the near post of a free kick, you keep everyone onside, and allow players to go stand on Chesny’s toes. If they did that you would criticise Arsenal for not holding a line on the free kick like every other team in the EPL. If someone were too drop out of the line to defend it, he would not have got there in time, and the goal goes in anyway. Instead why don’t you criticise the ridiculously inexperienced defending by Jenkinson in the lead up, and whoever it was for the second free kick. If you are going to criticise our team, at least do it properly.

  • vB

    I am glad this mauling took place before the transfer window closed. There’s 3 days to go get some decent defenders. Get Cahill, Get Jagielka. Get off your arses you lot in the arsenal board.

  • Whocares

    Can Arsenal’s wall not f#$%#%ing jump? That is rudimentary!!!! Worthless. 

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