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Wenger: Cesc still loves Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has told the Telegraph that he would not rule out a return to Arsenal one day for Cesc Fabregas.

The midfielder left the club in 2011, choosing to return to his home club Barcelona, but Wenger remains convinced that the 25-year-old still holds special feelings for the Gunners after his time in North London.

The Spaniard made his first-team breakthrough under Wenger, which saw him develop into one of the world’s finest midfielders. Although he seems destined for success at the Nou Camp, the boss believes that after a few years a return might be possible – a move that would certainly excite Arsenal supporters.

“I’m not convinced that he will not one day come back here, because he is a real Arsenal man. In the next two to three years certainly not – but maybe later. He loves Arsenal, he watches every Arsenal game. But of course, Barcelona was his home town and you had to accept that that would come into it, especially with their club having the best team in the world at that time.”

We’d all love this to be true, but I wouldn’t necessarily get my hopes up about it. Wenger says a lot of things, like “you can’t call yourself a top club if you sell your best players” days before doing just that. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t mean a great deal if Wenger thinks Fabregas will come back one day.

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