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Nasri – I owe Wenger but went to City to win titles

When Samir Nasri left Arsenal for Manchester City he was despised but for many, the actions of one Robin van Persie has meant that the anger which was aimed at the Frenchman has been downgraded to mere mocking.

Unable to face Arsenal as Manchester City travel to the Emirates in search of their first win at Arsenal since 1975, Nasri has been speaking to the press ahead of the game and he’s been saying some lovely stuff.

Not that long ago there were rumours that he wanted to return to the club but, of course, none of these were substantiated. Are his comments today a move towards that wish or simply a former player saying something nice?

You decide. He said

“If I’m here today it’s because of him. I’ll never forget what he did for me.

“I owe him a lot. He gave me confidence not just as a player but as a man as well.

“That is why I really respect him and really like him because he cared about the men, not just about the players.

“For some managers they want you to be on the pitch and that is it.

“For him he wants to talk to you, to know a little more about you to give you the confidence, it was like a second love for me.

“I played fantastic football for three years and I learned how to play at a high level with a lot of Champions League and I was always in the race for the title.

“And I played with great players, a great manager and it was a great experience.”

All sounds good right? Pity he didn’t just leave it there because he went on to add

“It was a good challenge for me to come here [to City] and win titles because that is what I was missing at Arsenal.

“Everything was great but I wanted titles.

“So I went to City because I wanted to make history and be part of history and that’s what we did. It was 44 years after their last one and I’m very happy.”

It’s funny how none of these players realise that they are part of the reason Arsenal aren’t winning anything and if they’d stayed and worked a little bit harder then they might just have managed to get a title at Arsenal.

I’m sure the money on offer at City had absolutely no role to play in his decision at all. None whatsoever.


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