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Sao Paulo – We’ll reach an agreement with Arsenal


The vice-president of Sao Paulo believes that the good relations his club currently enjoys with Arsenal will help them to reach an agreement over the permanent signing of Denilson who has spent a significant time on loan with the Brazilian club.

Speaking in the Brazilian press, Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes said

I believe we’ll reach an agreement with Arsenal.

We have heard from Denilson that he doesn’t want to return to England, that he wants to stay here with us.

I think our relations with Arsenal will help that to happen.

Denilson has spoken previously about his desire to remain in Brazil saying

Will I have [to return to Arsenal]? I don’t know if I should say this, but I like to play in Sao Paulo.

I have a special affection for the club.

When I put on the kit I’m Denilson in another field.

Denilson’s loan ends in June however he has also recently spoken about how, at the very least, he hopes that his deal can be extended until July to allow him to play in the  Libertadores final, saying

I do not know if this will be possible. I do not know if Arsenal will want me back. Maybe you want to come back anyway. It depends on the board. I leave that to solve them with my lawyer. I’ll just focus on my work here.

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