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Press claim Holtby snubbed Wenger for Villa Boas

Lewis Holtby

The Daily Mirror are going to town with a piece today claiming that Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby snubbed Arsene Wenger because of how good a manager Andres Villa Boas is.

Now, to make those claims you’d think that the player had mentioned something about Arsenal’s interest. Or the comparison between the two managers [as if there is one] or at the very least *something* that would lead to headlines like these right?


Here is the sum total of what Lewis Holtby said

[Tottenham] are not a small club and have an insanely good manager.

That’s it. That’s all he said.

That hasn’t stopped the Mirror opening their piece with

Lewis Holtby has revealed he snubbed interest from Arsene Wenger because he believes Andres Villas Boas to be an ‘insanely good’ manager.

The author of the piece, Darren Lewis, is a Sp*rs fan if I remember correctly so the slant is not really surprising.

It’s worth noting that their ‘insanely good manager’ can’t even beat Arsenal let alone come close to matching Arsene Wenger’s trophy record.  Remember what Arsene managed in his first full season in English football? That’s right, a league and cup double.

No comparison.

[and let's not forget there's no evidence to suggest we even tried to sign the player in the first place, all Wenger ever said was that we had looked at him]

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