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Guardiola linked with Arsenal. Again.

This isn’t the first time that former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has been linked with taking up the managerial position at Arsenal which is not even available and I doubt very much that it will be the last time either until he is finally secured in a post but today the Daily Mirror are claiming that Arsenal are the first choice for the manager which, if true, is rather rude given that Arsene Wenger still has a contract with the club.

The Mirror quote sources close to the manager as saying

Guardiola’s preference in England is Arsenal. The club are aware he would be interested in the job in 2013.

Guardiola doesn’t want to go to Chelsea. He is worried about the lack of stability. He also has a good relationship with Wenger dating back to when he started doing his coaching badges at Arsenal.

Is that why he would want to oust the Frenchman from his job then?

So where did the Mirror get these quotes from this unnamed source?

Goal bloody dot com.

I’ve lost track of the number of exclusives have run in the last week alone in regards to Arsenal, not one of which has come true, yet newspapers, which are *supposed* to be the standard for reporting information and getting to the bottom of what is true and what is not are quite happy to run pieces based on the information from that site with no regard to the actual likelihood that it’s even true.

They don’t even question the information, just read it and report it, serving it up to their readers as fact.

Why does this matter? Because, while you and I might be skeptical about what we read in the papers, they are still responsible for forming the opinions of millions of people across the world. There are people who read something in the newspaper and happily accept it as fact, they then repeat it readily until it becomes the accepted truth.

It is infuriating.

I’ve no idea if Guardiola wants to manage Arsenal, perhaps he does and who could blame him. Arsenal are a stable club which has a policy of bringing players through the youth system, try to play attractive football and aren’t prone to knee-jerk firings the minute they lose a match like some other London clubs.

But the fact remains that no matter what Guardiola does or doesn’t want, Arsene Wenger is contracted to Arsenal until 2014, something that doesn’t even get a mention in the Daily Mirror’s piece.

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