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Mail report Villa pleading for Arsenal move

Barcelona's David Villa

The news that Arsenal have made an offer for David Villa is all over the place today [andifoster looks at that here] but the Daily Mail have taken the story one step further by saying that David Villa is set to ask/plead with Barcelona to allow him to leave for Arsenal.

Now. Quite how the Daily Mail know this they don’t say. They offer no sources or hints which can allow us to believe that they have the inside track on what David Villa plans to do. They also don’t say how they know Barcelona want £16m for the player nor how a club who have said they won’t let the player go before the summer would be resisting a loan move in favour of a permanent deal. The Mail also claim talks are ongoing between the two clubs but, again, offer no source to back any of this up.

Barcelona have made a few comments regarding the player’s future, most of them revolving around him staying and still having a role at the club so even if Villa was ready to ask to be released it remains to be seen how receptive the club would be to that given they see him as still having uses.

I think of the players that Arsenal have sold to Barcelona, Henry, Cesc, Petit and the like and think that they could owe us and then I remember we sold them Hleb and Song and think that might just have annoyed them enough that they never let us have a player ever again.

Is Villa ready to plead to be released? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure the Daily Mail don’t know either.

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