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Bulgarian centrehalf linked with Arsenal

Ivan Ivanov

With Johan Djourou gone and Sebastien Squillaci looking to leave it seems as if Arsenal fans are set to endure a transfer window which sees them linked with just about every centrehalf on the planet.

Still, it makes a nice change from goalkeepers.

The Italian website Calciomercato is today quoting Mauro Mirko Masoni who believes that Arsenal are interested in signing Bulgarian defender Ivan Ivanov.

Masoni says

He is the central defender who shines in the air.

He is a leader with a good launch with the left foot, [he] is the eldest of the group, with his 24 years and 30 games played with the Bulgarian national [side].

186cm in height and average goals as a striker in the Servian league this season [four in 14 games] he is ready for a top league.

His way of playing and his features are very reminiscent of Abdennour of Toulouse, which is why he is discussed for a possible transfer to Arsenal.

He is linked with Partizan until 2014.

Masoni is the previous technical advisor of Foggia so quite what he’s doing involved in the whole thing I’m not entirely sure and Google couldn’t help me out on that either.

Ivanov currently plays for Partizan in Serbia where he has made 44 appearances and scored eight goals after signing for the club in the summer of 2011.

Is there any truth to this rumour? It is impossible to say as the only source for the information is Masoni who, as I’ve already mentioned, seems a rather odd person to be involved with a Bulgarian player from the Serbian league being transferred to an English club.

It would be surprising if Arsenal weren’t shopping around for a centreback but is Ivanov on their list? I guess only time will tell.


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