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Vermaelen – A winter break would be welcome

Speaking with the Belgian paper Nieuwsblad, Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen has been talking about his mistakes this season, players who have influenced him and his desire for a winter break

He said

I note here, the wearing of the armband is of enormous importance, but that does not mean that my performance suffers. I have not changed.

Precisely, Wenger gave me the armband because he knows who I am.

I am someone who can yell in a locker room and intervenes if it is necessary to do so. I noticed that some players, once appointed captain, forced it a bit. I try to avoid falling in to this trap.

[Vertonghan] who is obviously already a leader in the locker room at Tottenham and I learned a lot from the mentality of him. We do have different characteristics. He is nosier. Vince [Kompany] is also present on a verbal level. His charisma and leadership are natural.

I will not say I rock the house this season, but I’ve never been dramatic either.

Finally, it is my opinion! I do not think too much about all this as in any career there are lower times.

I’ve played more than 30 official matches this season; you cannot be at the top in each of these matches.

We did not have a choice though; every three days and a match is to be provided. The Premier League is very intense.

You cannot allow yourself to be less than 100%. Not even for one game.

I have, for example, played eight games in a month. This requires rest. A winter break would be welcome, both physically and mentally. But we do not, so we play.

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