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Lehmann still keen to take part in 2016 Paralympics

Jens Lehmann

A while back we brought you the story that former Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann was considering taking part in the Rio 2016 Paralympics with the German blind football team but nothing had been confirmed and it seemed as if it could just be idle speculation of which nothing would come.

Not so it seems as Jens has confirmed that he is still willing to be part of the German team as long as the date fits with his schedule.

Coach of the German side Ulrich Pfisterer said

We want to do a workout in March with the DFB-Elf, I am in contact with Oliver Bierhoff. I would like to invite Jens.

The Blind Olympics allow the goalkeeper to be sighted and Jens is keen to help out telling Bild

If the new date fits, I’m happy to help.

Back in September the President of the Disabled Sports Association, Friedhelm Julius Beucher said

A goalkeeper is not subject to the rules that he must have some disability and no rules when it comes to career. This means Jens Lehmann and Oliver Kahn or any other retired goalkeepers, in theory, can be available. We will now discuss the matter internally.

While Jens himself added

That’s very interesting, as long as I am fit to go there.  In any case, we can talk about it if you’re interested.

It seems as if this story is not going to go away and that the Germans are set on bringing Lehmann with them to Rio and it’s something the keeper himself is still keen on happening.

Great news if you ask me.

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