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Song – It hurts to see Arsenal now

Alex Song

Ex-players, is there anything more infuriating than having to listen to players who have left talking about how it hurts them to see Arsenal struggling like they are at present? Do they ever stop to think for a minute that if they hadn’t left the club might not be struggling? No, I don’t suppose that they do.

Alex Song has been one such player since he left Arsenal for Barcelona. He’s talked a number of times of how much he loved the club but how he couldn’t turn down Barcelona, how he owes Arsene Wenger everything, except, obviously, loyalty. He’s been speaking about hoping to get Arsenal in the Champions League, you know, because he loves the club so much he wants to see them dumped out of the competition as soon as possible.

Speaking in The Sun, quotes which they got directly from RMC Radio, he said

“For me to go back there, where I had seven magnificent years, would be something very special. If we draw Arsenal I’d be happy to see the fans again, go back to the club, even though if we go there it will be to get the best result possible. Arsenal’s a big club, but I think Barcelona’s a level above, because of the talent of the players there.

“That’s no disrespect to Arsenal, because they have talented players, but I think the Barcelona players are above. I saw a lot of people come and a lot of people go at Arsenal. It hurts to see them now because the Arsenal players have talent and potential. Given all that manager Arsene Wenger has done there I don’t think it’s normal that the situation is the way it is today.

“New players have come in and you have to give them time to adapt — and I think that when they have adapted, things will be better.

He then goes on to talk about how he has improved enormously in the five minutes he’s been sitting on the Barcelona bench, adding

  “Everything’s going well at the moment as we have started the season well. You can’t say the league title’s already in our pocket, but we’ve taken a big step. We’re playing well but we can’t afford to drop points. I had some great times at Arsenal but I think it was the moment for me to change, to see something else, given the fact I had the opportunity to come to Barcelona, one of the best teams in the world.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m getting there step-by-step. Now when the coach gives me the chance to show what I can do, I have to seize the opportunity.

“Barcelona are a team of champions, I think there will be opportunities here. I have five years left on my contract and I know I have to work hard. It’s up to me to show what I can do. I’ve improved enormously. I’ve been here four months and, honestly, I’m seeing the changes.

“The fact I’m working with them every day in training, I think, as a player, I will go on to have even more credibility with regards to the season I had last year. You have to be here to experience it. We work enormously hard in training, every day we work hard to practise closing down, short passes and movement.

“When the day of the match comes people think it’s easy, but there’s nothing easy about it. We work hard.”

He owes everything to Arsene yet a few months training with Barcelona will give him more credibility as a player? Nice one Alex. Nice one.

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