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Ramsey tries too hard – McLintock

Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey

After Gervinho, Aaron Ramsey is, unfortunately, the player that many Arsenal fans love to hate at the minute.  No room is given by some for the horrendous leg break he suffered at an incredibly young age nor the fact that he had to deal with the tragic suicide of his mentor and father-figure Gary Speed while barely being in his 20’s. For some, the fact that he was challenging Cesc as our best midfielder before he met Ryan Shawcross means nothing to people who refuse to see beyond the form on the pitch for reasons he might be struggling. He has received death threats online because of his performances. Death threats. Can you fathom that?

He is 21.

Never found hiding on the pitch no matter how badly it is going for him, Ramsey had the Welsh captaincy taken from him this season as well, an honour handed to him by Gary Speed at the age of just 20 making him the youngest in the country’s history.

Today, former Arsenal man Frank McLintock has been speaking about what he thinks might be the ‘problem’ with Ramsey, telling the BBC

“Aaron is doing what I did when I first went to Arsenal… I tried too hard as well. I tried to do everybody’s work, and I think that’s what Aaron is trying to do now.

“He’s a lad that’s got a great engine in him, he’s got a good honest attitude .

“It’s a great aspect to have but… he’s trying to do everybody’s job and he should concentrate a little bit on doing his own work and perfecting his own game.

“But he’s playing quite often wide right, I don’t know why [Arsenal manager] Arsene Wenger puts him there, he did that with [Nicklas] Bendtner last year.

“One of the attributes that Aaron hasn’t got is pace, and when you’ve not got pace and you’re playing wide and you’re trying to take full-backs on it’s very difficult.

“His natural position is in the centre of midfield… and I would just love to have a chat with him and tell him to improve his performance by a long way by just simplifying his game,” McLintock added.

“I feel he takes too many touches on the ball… if he could only just take a lesson off Paul Scholes of Manchester United.

“When you see the two of them playing the difference between the two is amazing: he [Scholes] has already scanned the field before he gets the ball… he is minimum effort and maximum performance.

“He’s trying to over-complicate it, he’s running here with the ball, he’s checking, he’s going the other way, he’s checking again.

“He’ll decide to sometimes play the ball and go for an overlap but before he gets halfway there the ball has been put into the box and people are out of position then.

“I’m not trying to sound too critical, I’m actually trying to give him a little bit of advice and my opinion.”

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