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Red Bulls chief states Henry will not join Arsenal

Thierry Henry

Gerard Houllier, New York Red Bulls chief, has stated that Thierry Henry will not be joining Arsenal for a third time when the January transfer window opens, with the head of Red Bull’s Global Soccer saying that there has been no contact between the two clubs.

Speaking to Canal + Houllier said

I find it strange when we hear in the media. If Arsene needed him, he would have called me or Andy Roxburgh, but this is not the case.

I do not think both parties need to have this second comeback. Moeover he has become a dad again. I think he will appreciate this truce.

It has been, of course, widely reported that the deal was all but done and that Henry was keen for the return to happen with Arsenal seeking to extend the loan until the end of the season. This is the second time that the Red Bulls have said there has been no contact so you would have to think that if Arsenal wanted him for January they would have made contact by now.

  • Facility

    let us sack him…and we shall see

  • Pharvish Putteeraj

    Very true, fans do not understand his value! Even I don’t because he is priceless!
    Arsene has love for Arsenal, others use their clubs to win titles!
    Arsene will make Arsenal great in a few years, only if true fans let him do it peacefully!
    If you want to support a club that win titles, go support barca!
    Arsene has love for arsenal…
    You never see love, only miss it when it’s gone!

  • Aaron Anderson

    Some of us truly preciate him but fans today are too much like the Chelsea’s where Ancelotti won the league last year but he won’t this year so they are calling for his head. People want results and don’t understand what Wenger has done for this club and second place in the most competitive league in the world isn’t good enough for some. We always are in the running every year, unfortunately some still criticise…well done Mr. Wenger, I still support you!

  • Noodle


  • Cuverdale

    I’m a huge Wenger fan & incredibly grateful for what he has done for our great club. There is no secret to the fact that whilst building The Emirates we didn’t have the money to compete in the market but the Youth Policy that started when Arsene arrived has kept us competitive & more importantly in the top 4 & the money that brings.
    I think most reasonable fans understand that January is an incredibly difficult time to buy players, £35m for Carroll anyone, but the disappointment stems from the fact that the spine of our team is a shadow of its former self. GK, DM & CF we look particularly weak & have done for a few years. Kos & Johann have been a revelation otherwise CB would have been included in the list also!
    I would say that we need to spend some money on 2 players that can come in & make a difference, to add to our squad now & not in 3-4 years. I understand the Youth Policy but it needs to be supplemented with some real quality if we want to really challenge.

  • Aklitabti

    Wenger is a living legend, a genius, an artist.


  • Skid64

    The answer to the question is quite simple at the end of the season it will be 6yrs since we won our last trophy, a long time for some fans, not so long for others. If AW stays on for another 4yrs and we don’t win something will the fans after 10yrs start to question his methods and buying policy ? There will come a tipping point when it won’t matter what he did 10, 11, 12yrs ago he will have to go.

    I for one am getting a bit cheesed off with things over there. We were told that moving to the Emirates would allow us to compete with the big boys but nothings changed we seemed to be splashing the cash more at Highbury than we are at the Emirates. Before Chesney got his chance a quality keeper was required and AW’s looking at Schwarzer (not my keeper of choice) and the great Arse are haggling over £500,000 embarrassing or what ! We should be splashing the cash to get the best but once again we’re in the bargain basement ! The fans who shell out for season tickets pay the most in the PL and are fed a diet of LF, Big Al, Denilson, EE, SS, TR7 & NB52 some people would add Diaby to that list, that’s not PL or CL, fuck me it’s not even CC fare !

    With regards to next season with us it’s always next season, people are saying we’ll have Lansbury and the like to call upon that’s all well and good but we need some quality signings and a couple of old heads and a fucking good clear out !

    Right I’ll just sit back and wait for the pelters !

    • Andy Mack

      I’m not impressed with the loyalty he’s shown to a few under performing players but he is the best manager we’ve ever had. You mention about us competing with the big boys but don’t forget we still owe loads for the stadium. we’re paying it off far quicker than anticipated but that will translate into us winning silverware for many years. Some people seem to look at our history with rose tinted glasses prior to AWs arrival. We didn’t show anywhere close to the consistency near the top that we have since AW joined and we will take that step up and do it on the top step in the future.

      • Skid64

        I see you’ve answered the players part in this section :-)

        I’m not advocating going on a wild spending spree but it’s widely acknowledged that at the start of the season we had £35m to spend this went up to £40m in January and nothing happens. This money was put aside for transfers not to pay off debt. Getting rid of any of the players above would be a start, but no he sticks with the annual under achievers. He is more like a Dad to these players than a Manager which is wrong. How long did he perceive with Sendros for example.

        Not denying he’s been a great Manager for us but he doesn’t help himself. I mean Denilson in midfield played at every level for Brazil except senior level which tells you a lot ! He has had money to spend over the last 6 years and his choice of not strengthening has definitely cost us trophies !

  • Alan

    Look, the man said that he never felt the result against Newcastle was secure. Just to remind you it was 4-0 after 68 minutes.

    So this mentally strong best squad he’s ever had was giving him the jitters against a newly promoted side days after selling their best striker. I NEVER FELT THE RESULT WAS SECURE. Honestly, just think about that statement for a moment.

    You see that’s why fans are beginning to wonder about Wenger. His statement today about never expecting to see Vermaelen again this season was another mind-boggling one. Arsenal blogs were reporting this information in October 2010. Now we have a central defence consisting of a partnership that have what, a 15-20% success rate in matches they have played together.

    Given that this site is very pro Wenger can I ask – does anyone here actually believe Wenger when he said we would have won against Barcelona if VanPersie hadn’t been sent off? A game in which we set a Champions League record by not having a shot on or off target.

    Wenger has lost one of the most vital ingredients of a winner – a ruthless streak. On what basis do you think he will deliver? Based on the last 6 years he won’t. And what is he building? Only 2 players that started the 2007 Carling Cup Final played in the 2011 final. Fabregas is a certainty to go and the whole process starts again. He talked about winning 4 trophies in 3 months despite having not won 1 out of a possible 24 in 6 years.

    There are so many things wrong with Wenger’s Arsenal at the moment e.g. appointing the Chief Exec., shipping out any player that dares to criticise his team mates, having 3 number one’s in a single season before bringing another back from retirement 3 years after he was shipped out because he was past it. 4 goalkeepers in 8 months after every dog in the street told him to sort out the keeper crisis for years.

    Wenger has done so much for Arsenal and managers that follow him will have him to thank for alot but I fear you could post this question again in 6 years time although the question then will be related to Arsenal winning nothing for the past 12 years albeit coming close and having a great young team.

  • DaveGooner

    I agree that AW, despite his flaws, has brought our club to another level. Financially, and in terms of style and ethos, he has developed our club.
    I still think if we get our spirit right, we stand a great chance of winning the league, our best chance in a few years. However, if we dont win the league, I, as a fan, would ask for investment in the squad. If we fail to strengthen with proven experience, then and only then would I like AW to consider his future at the club.
    AW and the team deserve nothing less than maximum support from the fans for the last push of the season. We must do our jobs too. We have the whole Summer to complain and protest.
    Lets roar the team on, support every player, and win the league.
    That way we can spend the Summer strengthening the team instead of trying to replace the best manager we ever had.

  • Rob Fuller

    simple: plastic fans want him out, true fans don’t. I have always appreciated what he’s done. I touched on the fact that we’re not in the same league as other clubs in terms of financial power in one of my earlier blogs, though theirs is based on debt. We’re still a self sufficient club and the plan is to be able to buy big names, develop unknowns and pay high wages to keep with the market and keep our best players. This takes time. It’s like an evolution of our club. We have our history as a foundation and the move to The Grove was the start of the evolution. We will compete with the others again when the time is right. No one knows when that time will be but as long as Wenger is in charge, I remain positive that it will come. Getting rid of Wenger will tear the whole place apart. The board won’t change their stance on how they run the club so another manager won’t better things, only worsen them. It will come in time and true fans have the patience and trust in Wenger. In answer to the question for debate is: Only plastic fans would finally appreciate Wenger’s worth if he left. The rest of us true Gooners would be crying in our corn flakes for a long time.

    • Skid64

      Utter, utter drivel. If we don’t win anything next year do you give him another year, and then if nothing give him another year, and then another ? When do you say enough is enough, it sounds like never !

      You’re about as plastic as it gets, the board over there love fans like you that don’t rock the boat. The tide is already turning and if he continues with his policy of crap buys, playing this mob LF, Big Al, Denilson, EE, SS, TR7 & NB52 he’ll be gone and you who are more a Wenger fan than an Arse fan will be left with your cornflakes and your hanky.

      • Rajon4

        Not really, those fans who remain patient don’t do it to please wenger or the board but because we love our club and want it to succeed on and off the pitch.

        It’s people like you who are no different from the other glory hunters at Manu U and chelski who only want to see stars and trophies NOW! and couldn’t care less if the club can survive the following season who are the real problem.

        Work in progress:

        Long-Term: We’ve got a brand new stadium which are still paying off, a loan on the old ground we JUST paid off, a youth academy we’ve built up that’s now considered one of the best in europe and its getting an upgrade, Along with that we are steadily moving forward in our long term objective of become debt-free and self sufficient (This is the point at which we will be able to compete financially with the big spenders).

        Short-Term: we are in the top 4 every season,CL,CC and FA cup consistently and improving as a squad year in year out, to the point that this season we are 2nd and still fighting for the title, reached cc final, reached q-final of FA and won against barca (the best team in recent history) only to be k.o 2nd leg by bad luck.

        What we are seeing here is real fucking progress, yet plastic fans like you don’t see it! To sustain progress both on and off the field, to make sure arsenal reaches its potential, we need a balanced and patient approach, something some fans dont seem to have nowadays. you guys are an embarrassment tbh-no matter how many time its explained you duds still don’t seem to get it.

        let’s simply the whole thing, if your not on board with what arsenal are trying to achieve now then you might aswell jump ship while you can, and good riddence. Good luck at City who swim in cash or you could try sp*rs, good ol ‘arry is there and he’s always looking to add more players..interested?

        • Skid64

          Another Arse fan who hasn’t answered the question, when do you say enough is enough then ?

          The players I’ve mentioned aren’t good enough you don’t answer that question either !

          The fact is there is money to be spent if you bother to investigate you’ll see there is around £30/40m why not strengthen there are players out there better than the ones I mentioned. No one is saying go on a spending frenzy for Christ’s sake ! Just go and improve on what you have with the money you have !

          My guess is you don’t go and see the Arse that often am I right ? The reason I say that is as a supposed footy fan you should know fans don’t jump ship you have one team and that’s it. I’ve supported them for 40yrs and have followed them all over the country through the good and bad times.

          If at all possible if you can be bothered to reply to this post please try and answer the fucking questions !

          • Billy

            Words of a saint Skid64 well done fella. I cant believe some of the crap spouted by these people that think the sun shines out of Arsene’s backside.

          • Skid64

            Thanks Billy. It does wind me up ! We won things before AW and we’ll win things when his gone. I want him to succeed I really do but he’s to stubborn and not flexible enough. Why isn’t he using Bouldy, Keown, Winters or Dixon to sort the defence out it makes no sense to me !

            After the defeat to Birmingham we hear the same old shit “we’ve got to stick together, we’ll learn from this, we’ve still got three trophies to go for” then we lose to Barca and Man U, a bit slow on the uptake our boys ! We’re in big danger of not getting three points tomorrow !

            We can’t keep relying on the kids a clear out is required with some old heads brought in.

          • puppyguts

            bad analysis from you skid, jus showin urself to be a blatant glory hunter, AFC is probably the best run club in the world, if arsene was sacked he could walk into any club on the planet

            u fail to see the bigger picture and just get all whiny about the fact we havn’t won any silverware and dismiss everything else we have achieved, even if we won 2 3 trophies in the last five years that is nothin compared to where AW is leading this club in the future.

            u said “when do you say enough is enough” and i think this article answers that question perfectly


          • Skid64

            Bad analysis ? They’re more and more people agreeing with me on here certainly more than at the start of the season. Blatant glory hunter yeah sure after 40yrs !

            I’ve clicked on your link 3 times and the site is under maintenance as it’s you I’ll check again later.

            Do you think any of the top clubs in the world would take 6yrs and counting without a trophy of course they wouldn’t !

            It will be interesting to read that article to see why we have to continue with the dross I mentioned earlier.

          • Sairax

            “Do you think any of the top clubs in the world would take 6yrs and counting without a trophy of course they wouldn’t !”


          • Skid64

            When did Barca go 6yrs without lifting a trophy ? Years please ?

          • Sairax

            98/99 they won La Liga. Their next trophy was 04/05 when they won La Liga. I don’t believe they won anything in between. And I believe during that time is when their La Masia players were maturing and eventually formed the side you see today.

          • Skid64

            Thank you for supplying the dates.

            So they won nothing in-


            So they won nothing in 5 seasons in 2004-2005 they won the Spanish Championship. I quite clearly stated 6 seasons and not 5 ! How many Managers did they get through in that time which is the crux of the matter I think the answer is 4 ! So they didn’t waste time hoping a Manager would come good they got shot of them !

            I look forward to your reply !

          • Sairax

            If we were to win the league, then we would have gone


            without a trophy. That would be the same number of years you have listed, yes? We have also had Wenger impose a whole new philosophy on our Academy and we have built a multimillion dollar state-of-the-art stadium that we have been paying for all this time without spiraling into uncontrollable debts. In the time Barcelona did not go without a trophy I’m also assuming they spent much more on players than we did.

          • Skid64

            Agree that AW has to win the PL this year which if he doesn’t makes 6yrs ! On current form this isn’t looking likely is it ? Yes the academy which has brought us those world beaters LF, EE, Denilson, Diaby and NB52 ! Yes you can come back with Cesc, Jack, JD and a few others but I’m fed up with saying it but why persevere with the ones who are clearly not good enough ! Ship them out and replace them with the money we have available plus the money we get for them but AW won’t do that because he might have another Denilson and NB52 coming through the ranks and he doesn’t want to blunt their progress !

          • Andy Mack

            Check our history. We’ve gone an awful lot longer than 6 years without winning anything before.

          • Skid64

            Having been a supporter for 40 years I’m well aware of our history. I see you didn’t comment on the selling of players and replacing them with some quality, seems a no brainer to me but what do I know, AKB !

          • Skid64

            You couldn’t be bothered to answer my questions and expect me to read all that ! That bloke mentions a 10yr plan so do we start turning against him after 10yrs then ? Which is what I mentioned earlier !

            Where does it say we have to keep the likes of Big Al, LF, EE, SS, Denilson & NB52 ? If you are going to criticise me do it in your words and answer the questions.

          • Skid64

            Just read the article and all the comments and the writer says after 10yrs there will be no more excuses, questions will have to be asked but not from you I guess, you’ll give him another year then another.

            I said months ago this team would come up short that’s when we had four trophies in our sights we now have one when this one goes tits up maybe you’ll say you were right Skid but probably not !

          • Rajon4

            Actually, I’ve answered all your questions, it’s you whose avoiding the points that i’ve made.

            are we improving as as a team year in,year out? In terms of trophies are we getting closer to winning one or not? , in terms of squad do we have the depth and quality to replace mentioned players or not? , and the answer to all these questions is yes, and as long as we continue to show improvement in all fronts then i have little complaints. the moment we stop however that’s when its time to make some noise and be concerned. It makes little sense to criticize the club when there is progress.

            As for spending more money goes, no problem. i never once said we dont have money or that we shouldnt spend. though it’s funny how after all the research you’ve done you still come out with a figure of 30/40 million…well which is it 30 or 40?

            In anycase its irrelevant, I’m optimistic that the likes of Rambo,Wilshere,Lansbury,Scz,Bartley and frimpong will be ready to fight next season for first place and replace the underperformers, the only position i have real concern about is up-front with no real challenger for RvP, this is something arsene will need to address in the summer. But like i said, there has to be a balanced approach, if we just buy without taking the long-term into consideration then the likes of wilshere and Scz would never have gotten their chance and we wouldnt praising them like we do now. our goal should always be to strengthen the whole squad, not part of the squad at the expence of the others.

            As for my ‘jump ship’ comments, well again read it in context: “if your not on board with what arsenal are trying to achieve now then you might aswell jump ship while you can” it’s pretty simple. If after 40 years you still cant see an improvements and still dont get what arsenal are trying to achieve in the long-run (see pre. post), then your never going to be happy. Our end goal isnt something small, rather we have big ambitions, but it isnt an easy task especially considering that time from start to finish(almost there imo) will test our patience, like it has yours. It’s important that we should be supporting the club now when they are finishing laying the foundation rather than hamper them or set progress back a few more years.

            as for me, im not as old as you, but i can assure you i have supported arsenal all my life, as has my father, as has his father, and most of my family (most of whome still remain 15 mins from highbury) do our travels maybe not as regularly as yourself though, but in any case its irrelvant as time doesnt indicate you know whats best for the club,nor understand what the overall goal means.

          • Skid64

            If we have squad depth why is AW continuing with the under performing players I’ve mentioned ? I’ll tell you now that if no quality signings are made for next season the new wave of kids are going to be hard pushed to take us over the line but never mind because there is always next year.

            A couple of quality signings an old head or two and it will make a difference, no one can say we’ll 100% win a trophy but it will help.

            With regards to the £30/40m I’ve seen conflicting figures that fall within that range but someone who has inside knowledge at the club says “definitely £35m” anyway what does it matter what the figure is if he isn’t going to spend it because there’s always some wonder kid coming through.

            Whatever you do with your opinion which you’re entitled to don’t post on Le Grove you won’t stand a chance !

          • Skid64

            You mention about players coming in to replace the under performers so that means that the likes of LF, EE, Diaby, Denilson & NB52 who AW brought through all those years ago to take us to a trophy or two have failed, have come up short, so what makes you think the new wave will be any different then ?

          • Rajon4

            I agree B52 and Denilson havent fulfilled the promise we hoped they would, and yes this does highlight that there is always a chance some dont live up to their promise, but that risk still remains even when you buy in a ‘star’ player. i mean look at torres, 50mil and no goals, look at city a star studded line-up and still no trophies and both remain below us in the EPL(to our ‘underachievers’ :P ) and havent come anywhere near our success this season, so simply buying a name with xxx-pricetag doesnt guarantee a good performer nor success.

            but on the flipside look at wilshere,scz,fabregas,nasri,walcott,gibbs,song etc etc all were unknowns and young yet they are now who come up in most of our list of starting 11. some will make it and ofcourse some wont but aslong we have a continuous flow of talent that’s coming through the likelyhood of good additions like another wilshere coming through is always going to be there to replace the deadwood, and it wont cost an arm n leg to replace them either, and i see players like bartley,frimpong and ramsey as great talents who would thrive given the chance and give the idiots wearing our jersey a kick in the backside to get in shape or lose their places. It comes down to balance, if we have the talent give them the chance to push through, if we dont (like in the striker position) then you go out and buy a replacement.

    • Sam

      It’s not like we appreciate what he has done… If someone wants him he is a plastic fan and you are a true fan.. utter stupidity… The transition phase n the stable condition we all agree.. but year after year we are becoming just a top 4 club.. We are not challenging anyone seriously… You say we will compete when the time is right: when this time gonna come? We’ll be able to buy big players : when? We’ll keep our best players..Let’s hope Fabregas stays…
      There should be a time frame… year after year we are at the same position.. Look at our performances against Manutd n Chelsea last 4-5 years.. How many times have we beaten them? I’m not saying we spend hell like Chelsea but we need to spend where we need to… When Rvp is injured do you trust Chamakh as our spear-head.. Why can’t we get some decent defenders a defensive midfielder (back up for Song) and a forward maybe..
      The point is we want Wenger to be here… But he needs to change according to the time .. If a particular thing is not working then he needs to leave his ego behind n try for something different.
      We all would love to see our team winning under Wenger once again.

    • Billy

      I am a plastic fan am I? I bet you I’ve been to and will continue to go to far more games then you will ever dream of and I want him out as do many others similar to me so get your head out of your arse. “The rest of us true Gooners would be crying in our corn flakes for a long time…” Oh dry your eyes you baby. Only someone who supported Arsenal since 96 could come out with something like that. “Getting rid of Wenger will tear the whole place apart” Listen to yourself. The board do what they do because of Wenger. He chooses directors who come on board, he’ll choose the manager when he finally goes, that man has FAR too much say at the club its a joke. But admittedly not as hilarious as your post.

  • Philmagnet

    Same thing every year but Wenger expects a different result. Madness, he needs to change, if he doesn’t change get someone different. The Barcelona game, we would have got the result we wanted if VP had not been sent off. They would have got tired and we would have hit them on the break. It was a game plan, and would have worked just as it did previously. Barcelona’s penalty was down to the cleverness of the player but the ref had no choice. Also, Bendtner is a pecker head.

  • Jack Straw

    Late to the party, but to Rob Hadookan Fuller, Rajon4 and anyone else fighting the good fight – keep it up. We need as many fans like you as possible in these depressing times of glory hunters overrunning the club.

    To Skid64, and anyone else struggling with this point, the time to judge our club will be when the stadium is paid off. That is when we will be on relatively equal footing with Utd, Chelsea, City, Tottenham, Barca, Real, Milan(s), etc. Anything before then is a bonus. Is that difficult to accept? Absolutely, but it’s also absolutely necesarry if you want the club to succeed for 50 years, not 5.

    Yes, Arsenal tickets are expensive. If you feel you are not getting value for your money then do not buy them.

    Yes, Arsenal pay large wages to its players and manager. But in terms of assembling the squad, how can anyone not think that the club is truly punching above its weight, and in my opinion that is primarily due to Wenger.

    All this talk about the $30-$40m we have sitting around in the bank, just waiting to be spent. How much did we make by selling Ade and Toure? About $30m. So it’s not as if we are making a ton of cash every year. We simply cannot rely on player sales to fund the club, or else we will be forced to sell our key assets every summer.

    There are reasons why that cash is not being spent on players. First, it is the least reliable form of investment one can make in a club. You can spend $15m (or way, way more) for a player who doesn’t perform or is chronically injured. He could decide he doesn’t like the weather and demand to be sold. He could have his head turned by another club. All this talk about how we must spend – there is no guarantee it will improve us. It is much more wise to pay down the debt, so that we can start making and spending serious money consistently in 5 years time instead of 10, and that is exactly what the board and Wenger have promoted. And what would happen if we failed to qualify for the CL? That’s $30m in revenues out the window. Should we leave $30m in the bank in case that happens, or spend it on players without greatly decreasing the risk of such an occurence. Simply bad business.

    It’s not the easy path, but it is the correct one. If you feel the club deserves better, that we have the right as fans to see money spent and trophies won, that nothing short of trophies equal success then there is simply only one word to describe you – entitled. Sadly that is a word I used to associate with Utd and Liverpool fans, is that what our club is becoming?

    • ladyarse

      Brilliantly put

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