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Was Nani pictured at Arsenal training ground? [photo] [updated]

[This story has developed over the afternoon as we tried to get to the bottom of what is going on.]

It was a rumour I read this morning and laughed at it, there’s no way that we will try and sign Nani from Manchester United. His wages, for one thing, would be far out of our league. Clearly, this was a message to Theo Walcott – no-one is irreplaceable.

So, one has to wonder then why, on derby day when his team were facing Manchester City, Nani was pictured in London Colney which is where Arsenal’s training ground is based.


The picture was snapped by @TheFootballDad with the tweet

Why is Nani at London Colney this morning when the Manchester derby is on…met him there this morning. Erm…I wonder.

It does seem clear that Nani was in London, as the night before [Saturday] this was tweeted with him at Winter Wonderland

[thanks to @_Sampat  for the link to this second photo]

And in case you need extra verification that he was at Winter Wonderland

Well. Anyone know why he would be there? At Colney, not Winter Wonderland.

[UPDATE 15.11 – This picture has just been sent to me saying that Nani was at Watford for the Stevenage FC programme. It is clearly the same mini-bus in the photo, but different kids so I cannot say this was taken at the same location (though it probably was). Source.


The two training grounds are very close to each other which would explain any confusion.

Mark Brus looks at the rumour in a bit more depth here.

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