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Did Arshavin name his child after Arsene?

Andre Arshavin

This might seem to be a rather ridiculous question but then learning what the Arshavin’s named their third child today simply astounded me and when I shared it on Twitter the response was the same.  The name of Arshavin’s youngest, a boy who was born in August this year, had not been revealed as far as I can see, certainly, his Wikipedia page wasn’t aware of it (I know, I know) so when it was revealed by the crazy Russian on his site this morning while he wished a Happy Birthday to his eldest people started asking the question – just what sort of a coincidence is that?

He said

Artem! We congratulate you on your birthday!

Thank you for being the way you are – kind and sweet kid! We wish you lots of friends and school achievements! Listen to your parents and be the best big brother to Yana and Arseniy! May you have a wonderful day!:) And remember that your favorite Zenit train is always waiting for you and today it’s honking loudly in your honor!

We already knew that his two eldest were called Artem and Yana which just leaves Arseniy which must be the name of the new addition to the Arshavin household.  I’ve just been told that ‘Arseniy’ is Arsene in Russian.

And for all you miserable sods, stop looking at me like that, this is a gossip site.

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Russian
OTHER SCRIPTS: Арсений (Russian)
PRONOUNCED: ahr-SYE-nee [key]
Meaning & History
Russian form of ARSENIOS
OTHER LANGUAGES: Arsenius, Arsenios (Ancient Greek), Arsen (Armenian), Arsène (French), Arsenio (Italian), Arsenio (Portuguese), Arsenio (Spanish)

(thanks to @TranceGooner for the link to the information regarding the name)

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