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Zaha supports Arsenal

Great news everyone! It’s confirmed! In the latest twist in the Zaha sagaWilfried Zaha supports Arsenal. Unfortunately (like a lot of us) he is also a bit disillusioned at the current state of the team. This is what he tweeted just after Kostas Mitroglou put Olympiakos 2-1 ahead after 73 minutes:

‘I swear I’m not watching arsenal anymore’

‘I’m an Arsenal supporter but they stress me out’

-(I’ve circled something else that he has tweeted – because we could all do with remembering it)-

Whilst a number of people might see Zaha’s tweets as negative (in regards to him signing for us) – I’ve got a different opinion about it. I’m not really convinced that Zaha will sign for us – (not because of him – but because of the fee that Palace are asking for him) and because of that – I’m looking at his tweets as him being a supporter and solely that. There is no agenda – just the same feelings that we are experiencing . We can relate to what he is saying – because a growing number of us are feeling exactly the same way. Imagine having his love for the club in the dressing room though. Imagine how much of an example he could set for the players who have no idea about what it means to play for Arsenal Football club.

So two tweets from Wilfried Zaha have changed my opinion of him. I’m still not convinced that Arsenal will sign him (if we bid we’ll be scuppered by someone else) and if we do then he will still need to develop into being a premiership footballer. But now for the first time I actually do want him to sign. Not just because he’s a Gooner (although it certainly helps) – but apparently he’s pretty handy with a football as well.

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