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Henry shows his style in new ad [video]

Thierry Henry

Just before anyone starts, no this isn’t a sponsored post, it is simply this site doing what this site does – bringing you news, gossip and anything which we think will be of interest to Arsenal fans.

So, here is Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, in a new ad for Puma, oozing style which outshines all the other big names in there with him.

  • Bala

    Good one LA.I really hope Djourou’s injury is not serious.Its not a coincidence that when he left the field we were winning 4-0.Thanks to Wolves for softening the blow a bit.So,we have gained a point and considering the next four matches for ManU it could be a good point gained indeed.Remember we are the one & only Invincibles.

  • puppyguts

    looking at the match stats can u believe newcastle only received 1 YELLOW CARD, absolute joke

    i would also like to mention how shocked i was watching motd as mark lawrenson described bartons tackle , as a perfectly legitimate hearty challenge………

    this whole anti arsenal campaign is really starting to get out of hand, at first i genuinely believed that all this arsenal bias was in our heads and maybe we are a bunch of “moaners” but this season has made it so blantatly obvious tht the officials have been influenced to make decisions against us

    • Charlietoonarmy

      I find it incredible the moaning coming from Arsenal fans..dont blame the ref !! Bartons tackle was totally legal and Diarby’s indiscipline cost you in the end. Nobody mentions the amazing record breaking comeback or the brilliant Tiote strike !! Arsenal did not have the guts for a battle and were lucky to leave with a point

      • ladyarse

        Second paragraph, I mention the record breaking comeback.

        But I notice how you don’t mention that Nolan should have been sent off for his offence which was the same as Diaby’s, not do you mention your second penalty or Barton coming through AA in the first half.

        This is an Arsenal blog, and as fantastic as Tiote’s strike was, I’m not here to drool over Newcastle players.

  • Skid64

    These dropped points will come back and haunt us ! The Spuds game was bad enough but just when things are falling into place we snatch a draw from the jaws of victory ! 4up with 22 minutes to go it’s the sort of thing you’d see over Hackney Marshes !

    For what it’s worth Barton should have gone and AD shouldn’t have retaliated but even with him gone why couldn’t we just shut up shop ! Was there any tactics coming from AW about how to stem the tide or was it a case of just keeping his fingers crossed !

    It appears that the season might be over for JD so for the arse end of the season it’s Kos and Squill with Song as back up, you really couldn’t make this shit up ! So once again it looks like AW trying to do it on the cheap and not buying in the window is going to cost us ! Never mind though because its not all about winning trophies is it !

    And lastly yesterday was not a point gained it was most definitely two points dropped !

  • Pressplay

    the reason we lost is squilachi substitution. He is just that bad ! Sadly we are going for worse as barca come – it will be like second match when Silverstre had to cover Messi. He scored only four than. Just sad story :S

  • aoliver

    it would be so annoying if djourou is out for a long time, he is playing well. just hope verminator gets fit. off topic guys but check out londons new up and coming band from staines. join our facebook page if you like.

  • Marzuki

    The fact that thugs like Barton can escape without a yc is mind boggling. No wonder England can’t win the wc. So NU staged the greatest of comebacks. If anyone cares to read the dirty story behind it, he will know with some help from the ref.
    I believe had Duffer sorry Dowd booked Barton for the initial challenge on Ashvin,NU would have been beaten by at least ten goals and there will have been no comeback least of all the greatest fight back.’
    No wonder England can’t raise their game internationally. Having thuggish tackles as part of their game,when they play international matches,they are inhibited by the fear of yc/rc if they tackled ferociously ..Until the FA have instilled in the refs the need for consistency in the dishing out of yc/rc,England will take another thousand years to win the wc.I am afraid the men have mind o their own and are part of a conspiracy to prevent the gunners winning games and trophies.I am convinced of that.

  • Steve

    the keeper held onto the ball in an attempt to slow down the re-start. It’s unsporting and deserving of a yellow. Your stat about the 5.5 seconds is just pathetic in that respect and further strengthen’s Richard Keys’ argument that women know f-all about football. That said, Nolan should have seen red for the challenge that proceeded it.

    • Amblaz

      and you know f-all about grammar, prick.

      • ladyarse

        Sorry for where my comment went, i know you weren’t saying this to me lol

    • ladyarse

      Read it again, the stat came from a man. But nice way to back-up your argument, by being sexist, that way you KNOW we’ll take you seriously huh?

    • Weedonald

      Hey Steve, go back to beating your wife,or your girlfriend…..but at least you saw Nolan’s shenanigans as meriting red!

  • Chir

    Good post LA.I couldn’t get myself to say anything at all after the match (positive or otherwise). Come to think of it, i still don’t even want to see anything that reminds me of the collapse yesterday. I just got to thinking. And realised that yesterday was the perfect example of what has become our worst fear as of this season.No, I don’t feel was the ref, as lousy as he was who cost us two points! It also wasn’t Diaby’s sending off though we had no holding player to put on! Djorou’s injury may be slightly closer to home or Rosicky’s bad luck for the evening (lets face it he’s not exactly a Song when it comes to defence).Whatever the reason i doubt we can know with a certainty.One things for sure, however. We are in for an uncertain few weeks ahead what with Diaby suspended, Denilson and Song out for a while and Ramsey a month away. I’d hate to be in Wenger’s shoes right now with the way things are going with his midfield. A nightmare isn’t it? And Barca 9 days away..oh goody. Hope it gets better with our holding-ish midfielders. Until then all we can do is hope.

    • Skid64

      We had players injured just before the window was open and he didn’t bother to bring anyone in. We have players earning loads who should be shipped out, he chose to do nothing ! He should be shitting his pants !

      • Chir

        He gambled with the buying of a centre back (Song was to be corver for any injuries to our defense). Song got injured. So now we have two central defenders fit if Djorou is badly injured. I hate to say it but if one of Verm,Song or Djorou doesn’t come back soon we will probably have a nasty couple of games following this.

        • Skid64

          The thing is Chir why did he have to gamble ? We have money to spend. You can’t feel comfortable with having Squill at CB surely ! With regards to playing Song at CB if he plays there we don’t have anyone as good as him to replace him in midfield ! AW messing up big time !

          • puppyguts

            shouldn’t we wait until we actually start showing some signs of bad form before you make any big assumptions, although jumping to conclusions seems to be popular around here.

          • Skid64

            Showing signs of bad form what about a 4-4 draw from 0-4 up with 22 minutes to go ! Believe me Puppy one day soon it will dawn on you and you’ll think to yourself you know Skid was right all along !

            Not buying in the window could be his downfall ! Stop being happy with second best !

          • puppyguts

            with 1 lose in 13, i dnt think i will panic just yet. the transfer window has been and gone so i dnt think theres any point in dwelling on signings,

            if i saw things like you i dnt think i would enjoy the season as mush i guess, just be happy that the draw didnt lose us any ground

          • Skid64

            As long as you’re happy Puppy that’s all that matters :-) One thing though when we’re 4pts behind Man U with one game to go don’t tell me we still have a chance of winning the league OK !

  • Caz Owens

    I wonder what Dowd’s stats are for four of the last ManUre and Chelski matches he’s been involved in. Or Bolton/Stoke who have a reputation for being more physical?

    • Jdeigh

      I remember Phil Dowd shamelessly gifted Manure the Carling Cup final last season against Aston Villa by not sending off Vidic in the 5th minute for a blatantly obvious denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

  • Ferrari1

    Stubborn Wenger missed the chance to buy a decent CB, if we had a decent CB we would not have dropped two points yesterday.

    • Weedonald

      What decent CB ? Nobody available was worth the effort. According to Wenger, …they were either overpriced EPL players or no improvement on our current CB’s. He took a gamble and it now appears he has lost but we will see. If you know more than he does, please enlighten us to your sources and vast expertise!
      Everyone here is such an expert on January transfers but they have no idea how much Aw tried to find a CB who would fit in and who was reasonably priced and ideally not Cup tied. He failed and as a result we now will likely see KosSquil paired together until Song and Djourou return.
      The game showed that we aren’t ready for primetime yet but my second favourite team Liverpool did us a big favour by taking 3 points from Cheatski and we DID get one point on the United. Our doom and gloom whiners are out in force again and the injury ninja has come back as well so it looks like the sky will be falling again chicken little, we will be crying wolf for the next week or so and only a miracle can save us from relegation this season. We will get butchered by Barcelona 100000000000000000000-0 in both legs and Wenger will be tarred and feathered like the criminal he is! Now that’s out of the way,maybe we can return to some normalcy and rational discourse.
      It was a Jekyl and Hyde performance yesterday and this pantomime has made ITV and SkySports day but Wenger knows he has work to do, the players know they fooked up and true supporters know that the season ends in late May so we take one game at a time. Anything else is bull, whining about Dowd, as bad as he was is a waste of time.

  • Jade

    Would also like to point out how Dowd was pretty decent in the first half then the second turned into a complete nightmare. I wondered why he didn’t screw us over in the first, then thought he was leaving it all for the second.

    Anyway, aside from that, after Newcastles first goal I kept thinking “Keep the ball and play keep away”. No shame in doing that. Unfortunately they weren’t able do that with the amount of skill we all know of them to have. Hopefully this is a lesson the team will definately learn from because those were unecessary points dropped to a side that really had nothing going for them up until Diaby’s, unfortunate, red card. Still in it though!

    • Skid64

      The thing is Jade the team haven’t learnt have they ! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you all the points we’ve dropped so far this season. Why didn’t AW do something tactically do stop them poring forward ? You’ve heard it said it’s difficult to play against 10 men, well unless those 10 men are wearing an Arse shirt ! These points will come back and bite us on the arse come the end of the season !

      • Jade

        I understand they don’t always seem to learn. I definately think changes need to be made. Some players are just not cutting it beacuse they don’t have the right mentality to match their skill. But who is AW going to turn to? This is the team that we have and they need to step it up and all we can do is await the next games to see if they are capable of learning…

        • Skid64

          You know the changes that need to be made and so do I but AW let’s another transfer window close without reinforcements ! He had the money to make one CB signing at least and he didn’t bother we now have to play Squill which is a disaster just waiting to happen. We just needed a little tweaking to help us on our way but AKB !

  • Treez

    Love your positivity, Ladyarse, but yesterday’s match has made me feel that the Premiership is just fixed by the clubs with all the money. I’ve been watching The Mighty Arsenal since the mid-sixties and, whilst the football is of a much higher standard, the refereeing over that time has become unfathomable. I know we crumbled yesterday, but we really weren’t helped by some really suspect decisions. Until someone makes referees accountable for their errors, ‘unpopular teams’ have an impossible task.

    Loved your blog btw.

  • MW

    Bartons tackle was perfectly fine, one footed and clearly got the ball first. Diaby was sent off for 2 pushes – one yellow each, Nolan recieved a yellow for a push or whatever you want to call it, It happens alot when goalkeepers keep hold of the ball.

    The 3rd was never a penalty but we had a goal ruled out, so you could argue that its even?

    You have only yourself to blame, i admit that dowd was very biased, but who lets 4 goals go in, I have never seen a team completely close down like Arsenal did, almost like they wanted it to be 4-4, your players didnt even care about the penalties?

    • Joppa Road

      Agree 100%. No excuses, Arsenal have to come back firing on all cylinders and remebering the good things they have done recently.

    • puppyguts

      how can you write ” i admit that dowd was very biased ” and “You have only yourself to blame” in the same sentence; sounds very idiotic.

      how can u make out tht the ref being biased is not a big deal !

    • Sunderland Alan Sunderland

      so it was all right for Nolan to clothesline our keeper was it, Geordie mug? It’s a shame you’re not going to get relegated this season. S*urs of the Northeast. Your whole argument, if such that it can be described, is undermined by the Dowd comment. If he’d not allowed professional c**t Barton to get away with so much ‘gamesmanship’ in the first half, it likely would’ve been a different outcome.

  • Weedonald

    There are a few observations we can make after yesterday’s debacle:

    1) We are very short on CB’s now and with no way to rectify that until the Verminator is match fit, we could be in deep kaka UNLESS we find the courage, commitment and cohesiveness to play 90 minutes rather than 45 with what we have!
    2) Wenger can’t control guys like Diaby once they are on the field…his reaction was understandable but it was unprofessional, selfish and demoralizing for his teammates.
    3) We need a captain who can lead by example which means that Cesc will have to learn how to consolidate the team ON THE FIELD, in the absence of fair refeering and difficult opponents.
    4) We moan and whine too much about how badly we are treated by the officials, how the media hate us and how unlucky we are in general with injuries and out of form players BUT we desperately need to believe we are good enough, brave enough, committed enough, assertive enough, tough enough to win regardless of the circumstances!
    5) We all need to stop being VICTIMS and start being CONQUERORS. The first things we have to conquer are our fears and mental frailties. Once we’ve done that we can conquer our constant errors and feeble attitudes when faced with a disciplined struggle against the odds. Once we have that down, we can conquer any opponent with 90 minutes of Total Football!

    We are going into the toughest test of the season this month with Wolves, Barca (CL), Birmingham (CC) and Leyton Orient (FAC), and Stoke awaiting us with eager maws wide open. We may be short of some key players but we still have Sagna, Clichy,Gibbs, Kos, Diaby,Cesc, Wilshere, Rosicky, Bendtner,Walcott, RVP, Song, Arshavin, Chamakh and our #1 goalkeeper Szcseny in top form….we will not only survive but prosper provided we get 100% over 90 minutes from them. I left out Eboue, Denilson and Squillaci because I serious doubts about them but one never knows…they are not Silvestre and never will be.

    • Joppa Road

      Please take note of point 5 all Arsenal fans and bloggers!

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