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Goal report leads people to believe Henry deal is done

The internet [well, Twitter] absolutely exploded earlier today as reported that Henry had agreed in principle to return to Arsenal on January 1st for his third spell with the club.

Their piece, while authoritative, is slightly misleading in a few ways. Firstly, they offer no sources to back up their claims that Henry has told Arsenal he wants to return to the club however it does seem likely that Arsenal’s leading goalscorer of all-time will return so they are likely taking a punt in order to be first with the news.

According to their report, the delays which occurred during his last loan deal which stopped him playing for the side before January 7th have been avoided this time around by sorting out the deal earlier but, again, they have no sources to back any of this up.

Also key to their piece [and covering their own arse] is the phrase ‘agreed in principle’ meaning that the deal is far from done even if you take their claims on face value, they themselves even claim that there is a sticking point over the length of the loan.

While I’ve no doubt we will see Henry in an Arsenal shirt once again, it’s never a done deal until it is on and it’s certainly not a done deal based solely on this piece though this isn’t stopping people from going a little bit crazy on the interweb.

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