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Ramsey: Welsh players have suffered

Aaron Ramsey has admitted that the death of Gary Speed last year hit him and a lot of his Wales team-mates hard, and that they still haven’t recovered.

Speed died unexpectedly at the age of 42, having recently promoted Ramsey to the captain of the Welsh national team under his management.

Ramsey says it was an honour to captain his country, and felt the team were making great progress under the late manager.

In an interview with Wales Online, he said:

“It’s been hard for us. We were playing ever so well and the team looked as though it could do some good things, we thought we had a genuine chance [to qualify for the World Cup in 2014].

“Obviously something unexpected and tragic happened and it was difficult for all the players.

“It takes time to recover from something like that and I don’t think we have recovered from it. We’re not playing in the way we used to and have suffered as a result.”

As well has his fitness problems, it would certainly be understandable if this is another big factor in Ramsey’s loss of form.

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