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Wenger – We could buy two, van Persie still watches Arsenal

Arsene Wenger

He’s only gone and said it. Two whole players. Plus Henry. In January. That makes three. Well, two and a half, although a whole Henry for a few months is more than a half really isn’t he? Well, we are working hard, which isn’t really the same as certainly buying, but, you know, we take what crumbs we can get ahead of the transfer window.

Speaking exclusively to Bein Sports, Wenger said about Henry

The talent that you dream to have, fantastic physique, fantastic technique, fantastic brain all built together in one man you know? Was a bit at the start not enough confidence in his talent but he has shown later what a great talent he was. It is still a possibility but we will first try and strengthen the squad on the longer term.

And about van Persie, with whom he was very close before van Persie decided to move to Manchester United,  Wenger  added (because he was asked by the interviewer about the player)

He texts me sometimes. He’s still watching the Arsenal games  you know and we keep in touch, yes.

While regarding the transfer window

In the winter break we are working very hard, we have some funds available and it could happen that we buy two players but I cannot reveal to you today the names.

With this news you are really spoiling us Arsene.

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