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Henry trains with Arsenal, January return not ruled out

Thierry Henry

Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud revealed, while being interviewed by RTL (that’s a radio station) that Thierry Henry trained with the side while he was in town and also had some other interesting information. Giroud said

Henry trained with the group and told me that he does not know if he will return to us this winter.

While that might seem like a whole lot of nothing, what you should note is that if it was totally off the table you would expect Henry to say so.

Henry enjoyed a very fruitful season with the New York Red Bulls, scoring 15 goals in 25 appearances with 12 assists as well. Some of his goals were simply sublime.

Could Henry still do a job for Arsenal in the Premier League or League Cup? Who knows. Many people didn’t think he would be able to cut it when he returned in January this year, and look how that turned out.

Thanks to @djoss74 for the heads up on this

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